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Obama administration to offer Immunity to younger immigrants

Discussion in 'Illegal Immigration Issues' started by cc3915, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. cc3915

    cc3915 MassCops Angel Staff Member

    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration will stop deporting and begin granting work permits to younger illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and have since led law-abiding lives.
    The policy change, described to The Associated Press by two senior administration officials, will affect as many as 800,000 immigrants who have lived in fear of deportation. It also bypasses Congress and partially achieves the goals of the so-called DREAM Act, a long-sought but never enacted plan to establish a path toward citizenship for young people who came to the United States illegally but who have attended college or served in the military.
    Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was to announce the new policy Friday, one week before President Barack Obama plans to address the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials’ annual conference in Orlando, Fla. Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney is scheduled to speak to the group on Thursday.
  2. cc3915

    cc3915 MassCops Angel Staff Member

    Fucking dictator!
  3. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    Surely, he's only looking out for his fellow "undocumented workers." I'm sure this timely announcement has absolutely nothing to do with backdoor opportunity to influence the election.:rolleyes:
    •Turn the murder of a child into a "choice"​
    •Turn a terrorist in to a "victim"​
    •Turn a criminal like an illegal alien into an "undocumented worker"​
    •Turn returning a war hero into a "terrorist"​
    •Turn a scheme to provide guns to drug lords into an excuse to disarm HONEST PEOPLE​
    •Turn Sunday school into a "hate group"​
    •Turn an illegal Muslim Marxist into POTUS​
    •Turn spanking your child into "abuse"​
    •Turn our Constitution into "a living breathing document"​
    •Turn our military into THE YMCA (remember The Village People)​
    •Turn asking for ID to vote into "discrimination"​
    •Turn our school system into SOCIALIST INDOCTRINATION CAMPS​
    •Turn the American dream into "The evils of capitalism"​
    •Turn free speech into a "HATE CRIME"​
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  4. cc3915

    cc3915 MassCops Angel Staff Member

    His acts of deception are so obvious. He's getting so desperate now that he just doesn't care if he circumvents Congress' will.
  5. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    I love seeing rats scramble. The funniest is his Orwellian website where you can't even get in until you enter your email address and zip code. I had heard a funny Pro obama dinner raffle commercial played on talk radio and I wanted to see who the actress was, besides the one with a face like a foot who married Ferris Bueller. I like to keep a list of Hollyweirds to boycott.
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  6. topcop14

    topcop14 Subscribing Member

    So how does an illegal alien get a criminal record? At my district court when an suspect is illegal most charges are continued for six months and then dismissed. Not a cwof but flat dismissed.
  7. corsair

    corsair Guest

    This guy is a disgrace. He needs to go.
  8. cc3915

    cc3915 MassCops Angel Staff Member

  9. adroitcuffs

    adroitcuffs Subscribing Member

    I had just sat down for a bit of lunch when I made the mistake of turning on the television. When the breaking news came on, and that drivel started coming out of Obama's mouth, I was livid!! Who is "acting stupidly" now, Mr. Dictator??
    I will continue to do the right thing because it is in my moral fiber, however, I am incensed that blatent violations of the law continue to be rewarded by those in control. As I've said time & time again -- it's no longer the American dream; it's become the American scheme. :mad: :mad: :mad:

  10. kwflatbed

    kwflatbed MassCops Angel Staff Member

    The American Nightmare would be more like it.
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  11. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

  12. cc3915

    cc3915 MassCops Angel Staff Member

    The United States is quickly on it's way to becoming a third world country. If this bozo is re-elected, he'll finish the job. No doubt in my mind.
  13. 263FPD

    263FPD MassCops Angel

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  14. Meat Eater

    Meat Eater MassCops Member

    Is he going to get a green card out of this for himself?:oops:
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  15. frapmpd24

    frapmpd24 Senior Member

    And to think... when my my great-grandmother came here from Italy (sponsored by my great-grandfather) she was almost denied access because they weren't married yet. After an immediate ceremony the first thing they did was get jobs, find a roof over their head and start becoming official citizens. Later they started a family and continued working. My great-grandfather would get angry at people when they asked him about "his country" (referring to Italy). His response, (in English mind you): "America is my country!" Not once did he go back to the village where he grew up and he had a cousin sell some property he owned with orders to give the money to the poor.

    The above is similar or other great-grandparents of mine who emigrated from Italy or Canada in the early 1900's. I am sure others here too have similar stories.

    Sponsor? Married? Get a Job? Speak and Learn English? I suppose asking for even half of those requirements, which 8 of my great-grandparents and a millions of others did, would be racist in Obama's America. Assimilate? Become a citizen? Be proud of the country you immigrated to and don't act like you're owed or discriminated against when asked to contribute to society? I suppose stuff like that is higher order thinking these days which is way too much to ask!!

    After all those "harsh" rules and societal expectations to get in to places like Ellis Island or East Boston the 1900's, their kids as a whole turned out pretty damn good. I think they call them "The Greatest Generation"!!!!

    Basically, in today's America if mommy and daddy jump the border and come here illegally with kids in tow or have illegal little cherubs not born subject to the U.S. jurisdiction, Supreme Court precedent is on your side because schools cannot deny a public education and now the executive branch gives a free pass and simply refuses to deport them because, (notwithstanding the fact that they are illegal aliens), "they've been here a while without getting deported" - not a big deal. It's the immigration law equivalent to "adverse possession" (i.e: squatting). If you trespass, do it open and continuously, act as if it's yours for 20 years, you own it. Now it apparently applies to illegal aliens. Just wonderful!

    Now, along with royalty, aristocracy, and celebrity, illegal alien children are suddenly part of the luck sperm club because mommy and daddy weren't caught and deported. I am a naturalized citizen, what do I get? Yup, the middle finger from Uncle Sam, that's about it... Okay, maybe one thing, a tax obligation every year.

    After all the jumping through hoops previous generations had to do to become a American's, (which stood for something exceptional and unquantifiable then), now citizenship is given away like this in a cheap attempt to get votes and nothing more. It really waters down the value of American citizenship.

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  16. 263FPD

    263FPD MassCops Angel

    Shit, I came here legally in 1979. If it'd worth doing, it's worth doing it right. Deport the criminals regardless of how old their progeny is.

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  17. Jeepy

    Jeepy Guest

    Rep. Steve King to sue Obama administration over new immigration policy

    Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King said Friday that he plans to sue the Obama administration to halt implementation of its newly announced selective illegal immigration law enforcement policy. He told Mike Huckabee on the former Arkansas governor’s radio program Friday that he successfully sued his own state’s governor — and won — over a similar separation-of-powers issue.
    “I will tell you that — I’m not without experience on this — I’m prepared to bring a suit and seek a court order to stop implementation of this policy,” King said. . . .

    See more here: http://dailycaller.com/2012/06/15/rep-steve-king-to-sue-obama-administration-over-new-immigration-policy/#ixzz1xvAyOfmv


    Good luck, Representative King. GO FOR IT!!
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  18. cc3915

    cc3915 MassCops Angel Staff Member

    Keep the pressure on, Rep. King. Awesome!
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  19. frapmpd24

    frapmpd24 Senior Member

    BREAKING NEWS: President Obama issues executive order instructing Social Security Administration to create one million new social security numbers as soon as possible for sudden increase in new citizens. There is a special provision in the order that voter registration forms be provided along with the new social security cards and such forms have "Democrat" party already checked off for convenience. Also, sample ballot for the upcoming election with "examples" of how voters should cast their vote.

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  20. HistoryHound

    HistoryHound Supporting Member

  21. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    One of the stipulations to these ILLEGALS, that the Obama administration refer to as "law-abiding" undocumented workers, being handed citizenship is that they remained free of guilty findings. Interesting. We all know how it works with these Teflon scumbags in court. Locating an illegal with a guilty finding is like finding the pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow.:rolleyes:

    He should be impeached for bypassing Congress with what would have been handled as legislation by any other administration. They slid this through in a manner that was as dirty as obamacare.
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  22. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    Classic. I never entered my info, so I never got my answers but i'll bet my PC is full of spiders just from going to the site.
  23. HistoryHound

    HistoryHound Supporting Member

    Crap, I didn't even think of that. Not sure if I should run a virus/malware scan or just to be on the safe side burn the computer. ;)
  24. kwflatbed

    kwflatbed MassCops Angel Staff Member

  25. cc3915

    cc3915 MassCops Angel Staff Member

    Young illegal immigrants’ amnesty could tighten competition for jobs, college

    President Obama has just opened a floodgate of opportunity for young illegal immigrants in the United States, but could it squeeze the aspirations of legal Americans in the process?
    Across the nation Friday, immigrant advocates and Hispanic youth groups hailed Obama’s decision to offer legal status to some undocumented immigrants under 30 as a watershed in U.S. immigration history and a long-sought victory for ambitious youths denied a chance to realize the American dream.


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