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Oak Harbor man arrested, accused of impersonating cop

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    OAK HARBOR, Wash. -- Police say an Oak Harbor man accused of pretending to be a retired cop was wearing a shirt that identified him as a member of the Oak Harbor Police Department when he was arrested.
    "It's quite appalling, it's upsetting,"said Oak Harbor Police Chief Edgar Green.
    Jim Bailey, a 69-year-old Oak Harbor resident and funeral home worker, is accused of pretending to be a retired cop.
    "We're very proud of what we do and work very hard at what we do, so to find someone who comes along and just takes that for granted and pretends to be one of us, that's upsetting," Green said.
    Chief Green said Bailey showed up on his radar after Bailey saw a couple fighting in a car at an Oak Harbor intersection last month. Green said Bailey stopped to intervene and told a witness he was an "retired cop" and ordered him to call 911.
    Bailey's attorney insists that's not true, saying Bailey was being a good Samaritan and never claimed to be a cop. Bailey so far hasn't commented on the accusation and slammed the door on a KOMO News reporter Tuesday afternoon.
    Green said Bailey spent a few years as an Oak Harbor reserve officer in the late 1980s. The chief is convinced Bailey has been pretending to be a retired cop since he left the department in 1991.
    "It appears through our investigation this has been going on for a good 20 or 25 years or so, " he said.


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