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NYPD: British soldiers assaulted off-duty NYC cop

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NEW YORK (AP) - Six British soldiers visiting New York have been charged with assault in a fight with an off-duty police officer outside a Manhattan bar, authorities said Tuesday.
The charges stem from an argument that began shortly after 4 a.m. Friday with the soldiers and the officer trading insults while mingling with women in front of the nightspot, police said.
A criminal complaint alleges the men - Ratu-losefo Yavala, Mosese Kurulala, Joeli Raduva, Filipe Vunisarati, Iliakini Raderua and Thomas Shute - punched the officer until he fell to the ground. When the officer tried to call 911, one of the men punched him again and took his cellphone, the complaint says.
The unidentified New York Police Department officer, who didn't have a gun, cut one of the soldiers on the arm while trying to defend himself with a small pocket knife, police said. He suffered a broken nose and a swollen jaw.
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Do the Brits need a history lesson?

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Those are all British guys? Nice fuckin names
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Probably Ghurkas or Hessians...
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Stupid buggers eh? Mindless twits the lot!
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Sir, Get your hand off my penis.
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