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NYC's Most Expensive Room: $34,000 Per Night

NEW YORK (CBS) ― Most Americans are giving up little luxuries in this tough economy. But some are still able -- and willing -- to pay up for the ultimate in style and service.

Case in point … CBS 2 HD recently got a look at the city's most expensive hotel room. And it can be yours for just $34,000 a night.

"This is the highest hotel in the city," one prospective renter said. "I think the view is just phenomenal."

So what does that type of money buy you? Try some of the most breathtaking views in the city, from 4,300 marble-covered square feet of luxury.

The "Ty Warner Suite" on the 52nd floor of the Four Seasons hotel dazzles with stylish details like waterfalls on its walls, a broken glass chandelier and a crystal sink.

But perhaps its best feature is a round-the-clock butler who showed CBS 2 HD around.

"Everything is custom made or chosen individually to complement," butler Johannes Walz said.

The suite's state-of-the-art features mean you only have to lift a finger.

"It's a touch screen where basically you can turn on the lights, turn up and down the shades and turn on and off the TV as well as set your alarm clock," Walz said, describing the wall unit.

Then there's the bathroom … with its computer-designed smart toilet.

"It opens automatically and you have here a dryer, here to flush, rear cleansing, front cleansing, and it's heated," Walz said.

People who choose to stay here are used to this.

"Hopefully you get the sense of the residential feel that's offered up here," Four Seasons spokesperson Leslie Lefkowitz said. "It doesn't look like a hotel room. It's what a billionaire would say would be their apartment in Manhattan.

"This is what their homes look like. This is what they're used to. They walk in here and appreciate the space, enjoy the space. But it doesn't overwhelm them. This is their world," Lefkowitz said.

The hotel will even help you arrange a gathering.

"This is the library where you can hold some private meetings or you can entertain and arrange a piano player," Walz said.

"If you're planning to entertain or invite friends over for dinner or cocktail reception we make arrangements with you in advance and organize that with our kitchen. We make it happen. You can entertain your guests and show them where you're staying while in New York," he added.

The suite is usually booked just once a month. But that's how the hotel says it likes it.

"It's not the type of suite we're looking to rent with tremendous frequency because it's so perishable," Lefkowitz said. "The materials, fabrics, everything are just so fine."

While the hotel won't reveal the names of any of the suite's guests, you can probably guess what they do for a living.

"International businessman, financier, hedge fund," Walz said.

And they are the type the hotel says won't have to scrimp because of the economic downturn.

"The the individuals who would stay in a suite like this are probably the last people to be affected," Lefkowitz said. "There are always going to be economic changes and downturns, and with that will always be that very small handful of people can afford it."

Among the suite's other perks are a chauffered luxury car and help planning a party so you can show the room off.

While the hotel won't reveal the names of any of the suite's guests, you can probably guess what they do for a living.

"International businessman, financier, hedge fund," Walz said.
Fannie Mae executives, Freddie Mac executives, AIG executives.....

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The people that stay at these places , Politcians ,Celebs, Execs are always the ones talking about cutting back spending, saving money...while their out partying like rock stars....that is just for the common folk...I dont hear Alec Baldwin, Madonna, Sean Penn and other hollywood liberals lowering their salary to make a movie...
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