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NYC dispatcher spent almost 8 hours on stroke call

Discussion in 'Dispatch / Communications' started by kwflatbed, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. kwflatbed

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    NYC dispatcher spent almost 8 hours on stroke call

    Published June 16, 2013
    Associated Press
    NEW YORK – A New York City emergency dispatcher is being hailed for spending nearly eight hours on the phone with a woman who had suffered a stroke while rescuers tried to pinpoint the woman's location.
    The New York Post reports dispatcher Joann Hilman-Payne took the call around 1 p.m. Monday and kept the line open until medics found the woman around 8:30 p.m.
    The Post[​IMG] reports Hilman-Payne's efforts are detailed in a letter from a dispatch captain seeking recognition for Hilman-Payne and her colleagues.
    The call was eventually traced to a Manhattan apartment where the woman was working as a housekeeper. She remains hospitalized

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  2. OCKS

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    NY doesn't have E911 ? Good job though
  3. Goose

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    GPS doesn't work well without a clear line of sight (include buildings or between buildings, which is most of NYC). It may have also been an older phone without GPS.
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  4. OCKS

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    That's why I pay the extra 25 buck a month to have a good old fashion hard wire phone at my house.
  5. GMass

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    Even if you don't pay for service, your phone line must still be able to dial 911.
  6. Kilvinsky

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    Sorry, I can't help it. The Devil made me do this.

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  7. Bloodhound

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    Around here the headline would be:

    Dispatcher works eight hour shift and only answers one call

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