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NY Man Obsessed with Cops

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I wonder if this guy lived in Massachusetts prior to this? I wonder if he drives a Benz? I wonder if he is an hmmmm a former C_N_TA_LE..... :lol:

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May 13, 2004 -- A Long Island oil burner repairman who admits he's "obsessed" with cops was busted by a real one after impersonating a city police officer - complete with badge and illegal handgun.

His car was rigged with emergency lights and police scanner and he owned an arsenal of weapons and cop gear, police said.

It was not the first such arrest for Paul Dolan, 26, of Baldwin. He was jailed the week after the 9/11 terror attacks when he was found wearing a bulletproof vest, a fake gun and carrying a police radio, said Nassau Detective Sgt. Robert Galgano.

One week ago, Dolan was drinking in a bar in Garden City South when he was introduced to a genuine, off-duty New York City detective, Brian O'Toole, of the Brooklyn Cold Case Squad.

Dolan indicated he was a cop, and showed his badge and a loaded .38-caliber revolver as proof, but O'Toole became suspicious because Dolan claimed to work for a warrant squad in Brook- lyn that O'Toole believed did not exist.

O'Toole later checked on Dolan's background, discovered he was not a real cop and informed police in the city and in Nassau.

On Tuesday night, police were waiting when Dolan showed up at the bar again and he was taken into custody when he showed his shield, said Galgano.

It was a copy with the badge number of another city cop, who had no idea Dolan was using his shield number, Galgano said.

"I'm obsessed with police officers," Dolan told investigators after his arrest.

Detectives searched Dolan, his car and, later, his house, and found the pistol, a shotgun, a realistic-looking BB gun, three gravity knives, a speed loader, three sets of handcuffs, a radio scanner, police lights and an EMS badge.

Because of the lights and handcuffs, Galgano said that "it may be likely that he was stopping cars."

Dolan was charged with two counts of criminal impersonation, four counts of weapons possession and three counts of possession of a forged instrument.

When he was arrested in 2001, witnesses told police that they had also seen him dressed in a paramedic's uniform on another day. He served an 11-month sentence for his prior masquerade as a cop, said Galgano.

Dolan was arraigned on the charge yesterday in Nassau County First District Court in Hempstead, where a judge ordered he be held in lieu of $200,000 bail and set tomorrow as his next court date.
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