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NY AG says NYPD shouldn't conduct traffic stops

Discussion in 'Idiot News Articles' started by Goose, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Goose

    Goose The list is long but distinguished. Staff Member

    ...or make arrests on warrants because suspects get hurt when they resist.

    NYPD should stop making traffic stops, attorney general says

    What planet is this lady from? A warrant is an order to take a suspect into custody and bring them before the court. If she doesn't like it, maybe the head law enforcement officer of the State of New York should recommend the state legislature change the law and give officers discretion instead of bitching about it when cops do their jobs and follow lawful orders.
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  2. IamTheDude

    IamTheDude MassCops Member

    Someone should asked her if she knows how Tim Mcveigh was caught.
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  3. patrol22

    patrol22 MassCops Member

    Maybe the legislator should stop passing laws. Why make a law if they apparently don’t want them enforced?
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  4. AB7

    AB7 MassCops Member

    Why does every day feel like a fever dream that you can’t wake up from?
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  5. USAF286

    USAF286 MassCops Member

    Everyday it’s something new and completely wild. I can’t even keep up with it anymore.
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  6. CCCSD

    CCCSD MassCops Member

    Maybe someone needs to just bitch slap her and tell her to “WAKE THE FUCK UP AND GO BACK TO LAW SCHOOL!”
    What an epic Cunt!
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  7. Roy Fehler

    Roy Fehler MassCops Member

    Sounds good to me.

    As long as direct deposit is there every week, who cares?
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  8. EUPD377

    EUPD377 Southern Campus Cop

    We are now in Biazarro World. We have prosecutors ruling that the police were legally justified in using deadly force, but then still shitting on them for doing their job in the first place since it “caused” the criminal to act like a criminal.

    Next time I get dispatched to a call of someone getting mugged or something I’m gonna tell them that ultimately it was kind of their fault because the criminal wouldn’t have mugged them if they never left the house.
  9. CCCSD

    CCCSD MassCops Member

    Factually True. I would write the report just that way.
  10. Macop2020

    Macop2020 MassCops Member

    Or she should step down because clearly she hasn't grasped the concept of Law Enforcement!
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