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NU is hiring again

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For those that PM and email me...

NU is wanting to hire 10 unknown date of hire and is not released to the public yet but informal announcements within department. Combo of police and community service officers (security) The combo is still undecided. I'll update when more info is pried from the supervisors :twisted:

Added text

And to hold those over...

Official Job description of Police

Title: University Police Officer
Department: Public Safety Division
Location: Boston Main Campus
Fulltime/Parttime: Full Time
Grade: 74
Posting Description: This position will patrol University buildings and grounds to prevent theft, trespass, vandalism or violations of General Laws of the Commonwealth in accordance with C. 22C s/s 63. Investigate violations of University regulations and/or General Laws. Make arrests and process information to visitors, respond to fire alarms and emergency medical calls, and provide ambulance service. May assist in the training of junior officers and perform other duties necessary to protect the lives, safety and property of the students, staff and guests of the University. Qualifications: Knowledge of police practices and investigative procedures, criminal laws and court procedures. Previous police experience and/or related college degree preferred. Strong oral and written communication skills are required. Applicants must be graduates of a full-time police recruit training academy certified by the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council or MA State Police. Appointees must obtain certification as a Massachusetts Registered EMT during the probationary period and retain registration. Valid Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Operator's License required.

Official Job description of Community Service Officer (Security)

Title: Community Service Officer
Department: Public Safety Division
Location: Boston Main Campus
Fulltime/Parttime: Full Time
Grade: 76
Posting Description: Perform patrol, inspection and/or related protective services duties to provide a comprehensive program of security, parking, fire safety and related public safety services to protect lives and safeguard the property of the University. Direct traffic and enforce parking rules and regulations; make inspections of facilities for fire hazards and to ensure compliance with appropriate fire and building codes; perform crime prevention duties and related assignments. May assist in training of new employees and student cadets. Perform related administrative duties and prepare reports as required. Qualifications: High school diploma and valid Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Operator's License required. Strong oral and written communication skills are needed. One year of security or fire safety experience preferred.

Human Resources Department Phone


Northeastern University Police Deptartment (non-emergency of course)


Now also to add... there is no guarantee that hiring will take place because they are trying to finagle something with the salaries and who pays for it. However I do know that they are under-staffed and hope that some hiring would take place.

For those questioning me, no I am not putting in for the position of CSO because
A) I already make more than a starting CSO with my "ranking" and the year of school I am in and;
B) Do not want to stop full time undergraduate school to do the same thing I am doing now but be called an "employee"

I'm also not putting in for the police position because they only externally hire for those that already have a full time police academy, which I don't (yet :twisted: )

If you want to put in the time as CSO they do send them to SSPO if you are a hard worker, good reviews, etc and it's a great stepping stone for another department. Details have been quite well, little down right now, but new dorms are being built constantly and that has been 3 man detail Mon-Fri (maybe Sat too) for as long as I can remember and till god knows when.

HHMmmmm.... what else...

Training. In theory you can go to any. logical pattern :(

We have bike officers, our own registered functioning ambulance which are opperated by 2 EMT's (chosen on shift basis by PS). Dispatchers are CSO's normally or PO's if needed (and one cadet 8) )

Our own Det's division of 3 det's, one Sgt Det, and one Lt Det (he was way up in the ranks for the local LEAPS/CJIS in the northeast I think, something like that) an few administrative civillians, SSgt that deals with...staff sergant stuff, 3 Sgts, 3 Cpls, 2 LT's, 1 Cpt, 1 associate director, and 1 director.

Also in the dept is Fire Safety which deals a lot with, well, as the name gives it away, fire safety. They also do a lot of trouble shooting of alarms and other things of that nature.

A few students work part-time and a few work as co-op changing every sememster sometimes. MOST are compitent....MOST... Their (our) duties varies by position doing patrol (practially identical to CSO), fire safety, administrative, and one with the detectives.

Shifts are 8x4, 4x12, and 12x8. There is a 7pmx3am shift but you'll never get it :wink: Initial training consists of office orientatial administrative BS for a week or 2 followed by 6 (?) of FTO training. This of course varies for various reasons. Your shift with FTO will be whatever they give you and may change once completed. Most people despise days so most new hires get it.

Anything else? Email me
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