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The National Rifle Association will hold its 46th National Police Shooting Cham­pi­on­ships (NPSC) at the Shooting Range Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sep­tem­ber 21-25.
The NRA will also hold a Tactical Police Competition event on September 19-20 as a precursor to the NPSC. More than 400 law enforcement officers from federal, state, mun­i­ci­pal, and private agencies, as well as four foreign countries, are ex­pect­ed to compete in this year's tournament.
"Our national championships came from the realization that if you want Americans to get better at some­thing, you challenge them. And our competitive event challenges are one of the things that we do best," said retired police captain and current NRA President John C. Sigler. "I think that these matches are one way that we can give something back to a dedicated law enforcement community. This com­pe­ti­tion gives officers an opportunity to get even better at what they do."
A new event will be added this year to spark interest in police com­pe­ti­tion -- the New Mexico Challenge. The event will be a duty handgun and equipment match for new shooters who do not have an NRA clas­si­fi­ca­tion; new shooter temporary classification will be allowed.
The match is open to anyone and, like many other events, features special reduced fees for new shooters.
The 2008 National Police Shooting Championships will also hold four armorer schools. The schools are tuition-free, but enrollment is lim­it­ed. Beretta, Glock, DPMS Panther Arms, and SIG Sauer will each host a session. Final scheduling for these schools is still being determined.
The value of NRA's National Police Shooting Championships lies in the fact that this competition realistically tests law enforcement shooting skills. Starting with guns holstered, competitors fire timed matches with both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols from varying dis­tan­ces and positions.
The National Police Shooting Cham­pi­on­ships enjoy tre­men­dous sponsor support, allowing the NRA to offer match and cat­e­go­ry cham­pi­on­ships one of the finest prize tables in all of law en­force­ment com­pet­i­tive shooting.
The National Police Shooting Championships enjoy tremendous sponsor support, allowing the NRA to offer match and category championships one of the finest prize tables in all of law enforcement competitive shooting. The NRA is thankful for the continued response of major NPSC sponsors, including Brownells, ProForce Law Enforcement, FNH, Heckler & Koch, Smith & Wesson, Glock, Beretta, Springfield Armory, DPMS Panther Arms, and Colt. In conjunction with the NPSC, the 2008 Law Enforcement Equipment Exposition will take place from September 20-24.
Held since 1962, the National Police Shooting Championship matches are just one of many programs directed by NRA's Law Enforcement Activities Division (LEAD). These programs are supported by the Davidson's Law Enforcement Endowment and the Law Enforcement Training Endowment of The NRA Foundation, including a generous $251,000 donation from Brownells, Inc., as well as donations from more than 100 other firearm and equipment manufacturers and businesses.

For more information about NRA's National Police Shooting Cham­pi­on­ships or to register for these matches, or call (703) 267-1632, or e-mail [email protected].

We'll be posting updates and results from the 2008 NPSC at this blog.

Press Release from the NRA
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