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This is what you call a bust.... I wonder how many plants it takes to make that much weight!

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- Police who pulled over a pickup truck because its load was blocking the view of a temporary license plate in the rear window discovered it was carrying 900 pounds of marijuana.

"It was piled up in big bags,'' said Indiana State Trooper William Etter. "Once you first stopped it, it was obvious - you could smell it.''

The marijuana was compressed into about 900 bricks and wrapped in plastic, police said. The pot nearly filled the bed of the truck, and a drug-sniffing dog responded immediately to the scent, police said.

Police arrested the 21-year-old driver, Apan Gallegos, of Indianapolis, and Jesus Villegas-Ochoa, of Camby following the traffic stop Monday night on the city's east side. Both men faced preliminary charges of marijuana possession.

Gallegos was being held Tuesday at the Marion County Jail. Villegas-Ochoa was not being held there, however, a jail officer said.

Police said they were unable to determine who owned the truck.

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Check out this bust 8)

How about thisSmart cop stop sends pipe dreams up in smoke
By Laurel J. Sweet
Friday, March 5, 2004

A humdrum traffic stop yielded one of the biggest drug busts in the city's history: $1 million worth of marijuana that apparently slipped by security at the Mexican border and two airports - including Logan International.

``There's a lot that's intercepted and there's a lot that makes it through,'' conceded Rodney Benson, an assistant special agent in charge for the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

Benson said the 800 pounds of cannabis likely entered the United States from Baja. Documents show its destination was Boston via Los Angeles and Logan International airports.

Much of the weed was coated with grease and packed with scented baby wipes to mask its bouquet, but to the Boston cops who pinched the first 108 pounds while stopping two men for speeding Tuesday night, there was no mistaking what they got a whiff of in the back of a rented SUV.

A shipping label with the stash led them to an air freight warehouse in Revere, where another 680 pounds was recovered Wednesday as it was being loaded into a U-Haul truck.

Three men were arrested on drug trafficking charges: Marlon Straw, 32, of Hyde Park, Robert Hylton, 36, of Dorchester and Ryan Carter, 30, of Somerville. for a pot bust 8)
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