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Sources Say Tip In Missing-Person Case Led Police To Property

Video: Tip To Police Leads To Epping Dig

EPPING, N.H. -- State police did not find anything buried in the yard of a vacant Epping home where they were digging for the past two days, officials said.

The State Police Major Crime Unit was led to the Friend Street property on a tip in a case, and sources said it was related to a missing-person investigation.

After digging Tuesday and Wednesday and investigating with a K-9 unit, they didn't find anything and filled in the hole.

Investigators spent nearly six hours digging at the site. Neighbors said they weren't sure what to think.

"They just said that they had information, and when you get information, you have to at least check it out, so that's why they had the dog there and why they're digging it up," neighbor Sherry Welch said.
The attorney general's office called the dig part of an ongoing investigation. Epping police said that the investigation didn't originate with them. An Exeter, N.H., police detective was at the scene of the dig.

Police said they don't intend to return to the site.
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