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NORTH ATTLEBORO - Police on the lookout after a rash of eight nighttime store break-ins over the past six weeks arrested a suspect early Sunday after a foot chase near Dairy Queen on Route 1.

Police charged Michael Kane Jr., 31, of 19 Division St., with eight counts of breaking and entering at night for a felony, seven counts of larceny over $250, three counts of attempting to commit a crime, and one count each of possession of burglary tools, disorderly conduct and larceny under $250.

Kane was walking along a path near Dairy Queen's back door, when Officer Joseph Turner spotted him shortly after midnight.

Moments earlier, Turner had noticed a large light-colored van slowly pass the restaurant and apply its brakes on Route 1 despite light traffic. He lost sight of the van before seeing Kane.

Turner was watching the Dairy Queen because the town has had eight store break-ins since July 12, Detective Lt. David Dawes said Monday. And four businesses had been broken into twice. They included Dairy Queen, Ronzio's, the Highlander Laundromat and New England Dry Cleaners, Dawes said.

The burglar stole cash each time, Dawes said.

When Turner walked toward Kane, the suspect allegedly walked, then ran, first along a path leading to Elmwood Avenue and then toward Route 1.

Turner stopped Kane after twice seeing him talking on a cell phone.

Kane told Turner he had not seen the officer.

Kane said he had been simply out for a walk when he went behind Dairy Queen to urinate, and that he was talking to his father, Michael, on his phone.

After obtaining a search warrant for the van, which police say Michael Kane Sr. owns, police allegedly found a small plastic box of grommets, tools used to unlock certain deadbolt doors.

Police also allegedly found a medium-size handbag filled with several pairs of surgical gloves; and a set of tools, including pliers and a small pick tool.

Attleboro District Court Judge David Turcotte ordered Kane held on $50,000 cash bail following his arraignment Monday, said Gregg Miliote, spokesman for Bristol County District Attorney Sam Sutter.

Kane has a prior record of break-ins, and is on probation for a Superior Court case, Dawes said.
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