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Published: September 17, 2008 03:42 am ShareThisPrintThis
No one injured in school bus accident
By Angeljean Chiaramida
Staff writer

SALISBURY - No one was hurt, but 32 Whittier Vocational High School students were late for class yesterday morning after their school bus backed into a car after picking up kids at the corner of Joy and Main streets.
According to Salisbury police Sgt. Kevin Sullivan, the bus had just driven away from the bus stop when bus driver Christine Nihan, 53, of Salisbury, noticed another student running for the bus.
"When she saw the student running, the bus driver stopped and backed up to pick up the student," Sullivan said. "That's when she hit the car behind her. The car was probably in the bus' blind spot."
Struck by the bus was a Plymouth Voyager, driven by 53-year-old Richard Khristy of Collins Street in Salisbury. The van had to be towed away, Sullivan said, but its driver wasn't injured.
Medical responders from AMR ambulance service were called to the scene to check out the kids, Sullivan said, as was Whittier's principal.
"The principal arrived right away and had the school nurse with him, who checked out all the kids," Sullivan said. "But there were no complaints of injury."
Students exited the bus involved in the accident and boarded another bus, then went off to school.
Sullivan said the accident is still under investigation. At this time no citations have been issued nor charges brought, he said, although the bus driver appears to be at fault.
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