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DELAND, Fla. -- Eight people will face a federal judge Thursday, following one of the biggest pot busts in Volusia County history. Wednesday, agents confiscated about 4,000 pounds of marijuana, worth about $4 million.

Those eight people will make their way before a federal judge Thursday afternoon on some rather serious charges of federal drug trafficking.

The big bust went down Wednesday night, when the Volusia County Sheriff's Office nabbed 4,000 pounds of marijuana in armoires that were coming in from Mexico.

The seven-pound blocks were smuggled in false compartments across the border. But the catch is, customs agents knew it. They followed the shipment to a "U-Stor-It" in Volusia County on 17-92, then watched the green stuff get divided across Central Florida to three different suspected dealers.

"At that point in time, secured the other residence we'd had under surveillance since Monday morning," explains Capt. Dave Hudson.

Along with the stash, drug agents also got their hands on a handful of assault weapons.

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office is calling this one of the biggest drug busts they've ever had. When it's finally discovered what role these eight people played in this ring, they could face anywhere from ten years to life in prison.
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