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Trooper shot in Charlestown

Union Leader News
1 hour, 22 minutes ago

CHARLESTOWN -- - A New Hampshire State Police trooper shot last night while executing a search warrant is expected to live, authorities said.
Police may have fatally shot a man who lived on the Summer Street property where police had converged, according to neighbors.
A teenager who said he lives at the residence in this town on the state's western border referred to his uncle in the past tense, but refused to elaborate.
At least one person was led away in handcuffs, according to neighbor Albert Harris II.
Associate Attorney General Ann Rice said the trooper's injuries were not life-threatening. Rice confirmed the injured trooper is male, but did not disclose his identity.
"I can't confirm anything else at this point," she said. "We're responding and gathering facts."
The trooper was being treated at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon last night. His condition was not immediately disclosed.
Contacted on his way to the scene of the shooting, Frederick Booth, commander of State Police, said the shooting "took place in Charlestown during the execution of a search warrant in conjunction with Sullivan County."
The teenager who said he lived at the crime scene refused to give his name and said he was fishing when police surrounded the house.
"I'm not going to say anything. I'm too shook up to talk," the teen said.
Harris said he saw four police cruisers and a SWAT team pass his house and stop down the street, which is off Main Street (Route 12).
Police took two women out of the house, and a third person, believed to be a teenager, was removed in handcuffs, Harris said.
Police then chased a man who went into an RV or trailer and wouldn't come out, he said.
"We heard a couple of shots fired," Harris said. "They were shooting at each other, and I guess the other guy was killed."
Harris said a neighbor told him the man was dead. Harris and a second neighbor said they heard the trooper had been shot in the leg.
One neighbor, who refused to provide a name, reported hearing a "loud boom" followed by "a lot of gunshots."
Another neighbor said he he counted at least 15 gunshots.
Sunday News staff reporter Nancy West contributed to this report.

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Inspector or a mod, could you pull the name down for now please? I will PM you with more info, but suffice it to say that it is officer safety related.

And for everyone else, I visited him yesterday and he is doing very well. I will pass on your well wishes to him.

+2 He is in my prayers for a speedy and full recovery.

phuzz...if you could keep us posted, it would be appreciated. As I'm sure you know, once the "if it bleeds it leads" headlines are a distant memory, we rarely hear anything of a brother/sister officer's recovery.

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A preliminary review has found New Hampshire State Police justified in shooting a Charlestown man last month.
Anthony Jarvis, 53, was shot and killed during a standoff with police at his home. Police were there to arrest his son for parole violations.
An investigation found the trooper who shot Jarvis was justified because he feared for the life of another trooper Jarvis had already shot and wounded. But the report says there are questions about some of the police decisions and tactics, and those will be reviewed by the Police Standards and Training Council.

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