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Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by ride1620, Jul 23, 2009.

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    NH state police are having their test on Aug 1
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    Marine Patrol?

    Completely random, but poking around the New Hampshire website I found a "Seasonal Marine Patrol Officer" position:
    Seasonal Employment Opportunities - Marine Patrol, Division of Safety Services, NH DOS

    While I guess the "season" is wrapping up this year there is always next summer and it looks like a great opportunity for someone starting out in Law Enforcement.


    The Seasonal Marine Patrol Officer Trainee may be assigned to working any of the patrol areas located throughout the State. Throughout their patrol season, officers may be called upon to perform any or all of the following duties:

    Patrol assigned areas using State patrol boats.
    Respond to emergencies and other calls for assistance.
    Enforce State boating and criminal laws.
    Investigate boating accidents and drownings.
    Conduct inspections of commercial boats and testing of commercial boat operators.
    Conduct Boating Safety Education Classes.
    Install, maintain, and remove State marine aids to navigation.
    Conduct criminal investigations and generate cases for prosecution.
    Interact with other law enforcement and safety agencies.
    Position Salary: $14.69/hour - effective January 2, 2009

    Because the position of Seasonal Marine Patrol Officer Trainee is a certified part-time police officer in the State of New Hampshire, the minimum requirements are accordingly demanding.

    Minimum 18 years of age at the time of appointment.
    US Citizen.
    No criminal convictions.
    Valid driver license.
    High school graduate or GED
    Good physical health.
    Ability to attend and successfully complete marine patrol training.
    Ability to work varied shifts, weekends and holidays throughout the summer months.
    Desirable Applicant Traits.


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