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Ruthanne Bradley

CONCORD, N.H. (WBZ) ― A local woman is accused of stealing sensitive computer data about current and former public employees and their dependents.

Ruthanne Bradley, 46, was arrested Friday on four felony counts of computer-related offenses, police said. She was released on $25,000 personal recognizance.

The arrest followed a month-long investigation by Concord police.

Bradley is an employee of the Local Government Center, which manages legal, workers compensation, property-liability, risk management and health trust matters for New Hampshire schools, governments and municipalities.

On Aug. 6, police said, LCG notified Concord police of the possible loss of two backup tapes containing sensitive computer data, including such information as birth dates, Social Security numbers and medical information. Data from an estimated 190,000 current and former public employees and their dependents were potentially affected.

The backup tapes were eventually located on the premises, police said. Bradley had allegedly removed the tapes from the server and manipulated computer information.

It is not clear whether the backup tapes had been compromised or whether they had ever left LGC's facility, police said.

No one has come forward to report personal information being used illegally, according to police.
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