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Discussion in 'New England Employment' started by Chitownlost, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Chitownlost

    Chitownlost Internet "expert"

    This popped up on my Facebook newsfeed. It's a job and I guess "fuck SSPO"?


    CAMPUS PATROL OFFICER II #15736(Job Id 9569)
    Location US:NH:CONCORD Post Date 07/10/2017
    Category ENFORCEMENT PROTECT & INSTITUTION Close Date 07/31/2017
    Employment Type
    Salary 41,080.000-54,683.200 USD

    State of New Hampshire Job Posting

    Department of Safety

    Division of State Police - NH Hospital Campus Security

    33 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03305

    Campus Patrol Officer II

    Labor Grade 19

    Position # 15736

    $41,080.00 - $54,683.20

    Second Shift

    (Salary does not include shift differential)

    The State of New Hampshire, Department of Safety, Division of State Police - NH Hospital Campus Security has a full time vacancy for a Campus Patrol Officer II. This position is a second shift position. The salary range for this position is $41,080.00 - $54,683.20; typical starting salary not to exceed $48,401.60. Three additional steps may be offered on subsequent performance appraisals.

    Provide primary police preventive patrol and emergency response coverage of the buildings and roads encompassed by the NH State Office Campus/South with special emphasis on the grounds, outbuildings, business offices, patient reception area and treatment facilities of the New Hampshire State Mental Hospital. Provide a safe environment for patients, residents, employees, volunteers and visitors to receive government services with minimal threats and disruption to their well being and property.

    Conduct patrols of the campus in marked police vehicles, on foot and with Segway" human transporter. Monitor movements and behavior of potentially dangerous patients/residents as well as in-custody hospital patients residing at the hospital and outbuildings subject to various levels of campus privileges. Provide transport by marked police vehicle back to the hospital of patients taken into custody as a result of escapes or violation of conditions of release.

    Enforce all applicable laws as well as parking rules and regulations on the campus. Initiate traffic stops in marked cruisers to identify and apprehend violators. Issue verbal and written warnings, traffic and parking tickets, makes in-custody arrests for DWI and other violations, respond to and investigate traffic crashes. Participate in prosecution of offenses at the Circuit Court level or coordinate such activity with the State Police Prosecution Unit. Provides assistance to the Concord District Court Bailiff protecting personnel conducting off-site mental health committal hearings within the hospital facility.

    Respond to and control high risk situations involving patients/residents that are demonstrating out of control behaviors and psychiatric emergencies including the potential for injury to hospital staff, patient, or self, including workplace violence and domestic violence calls involving patients, employees or visitors; often improvised weapons and barricade situations beyond the control of Patient Services staff are involved.

    Respond to and control emergencies and potentially life threatening situations throughout the State Office Complex South by assisting with and making on-site arrests or arrests on probable cause due to disruptive behavior at administrative hearings of various tenant State agencies, workplace violence incidents related to employees and visitors of all State agencies in the complex.

    Participate in admissions for high risk patients being admitted from community mental health centers on an involuntary or voluntary basis. Provide support to hospital staff and members of outside law enforcement agencies to ensure safe, efficient transfer of custody and protecting the safety of everyone involved in the process. May retrieve medical records after hours for medical staff with authorized access.

    Ensure proper maintenance, management, and returns of Lost and Found property pursuant to RSA 471-C: 13-14 after investigation and identification of rightful owners or disposes of items through proper disposal procedures. Includes conveyance of patient/resident valuables, cash receipts, etc., to and from banks, State Treasury, and cashiers. Deliver physical evidence and potentially contagious medical materials to laboratories and reporting of potentially hazardous conditions noted in the area of the State Office Complex to proper authority.

    Investigate and document crime or property damage, personal loss claims submitted by employees, visitors, patients, and residents. Search for AWOL patients as needed. Transport patients to and from the community hospitals, private residences, police departments, county and state correctional facilities.

    Maintain building security throughout the State Office Complex. Provide monitoring after hours access by identifying unauthorized individuals and preventing access to secured areas. Maintain identification and key control for facilities by issuing, monitoring and retrieving access control items.

    Trained to operate dispatch control center as required. Operate and monitor Dispatch CAD, police two way radio, CCTV systems, proximity reader systems, fire and burglar alarm systems, computers, fax/copy machines, ID machines, emergency vehicle systems, and other critical Dispatch systems as needed. Serve in supervisory capacity of Campus Patrol Officer I and Police Communication Specialist assigned to same shift.

    Assist in snow removal by moving State owned motor vehicles when needed and arranging towing of vehicles obstructing snow removal operations. Locate owners of these vehicles and has those vehicles moved. Assist motorists during inclement weather.


    Education: High school diploma, or high school equivalency. Each additional year of approved formal education may be substituted for one year of required work experience.

    Experience: Three years of experience as a certified police officer, security officer, correctional officer, active military, or mental health worker providing direct care to patients. Each additional year of approved work experience may be substituted for one year of required formal education.

    License/Certification: Must possess a valid driver's license and complete the Safe Driver Course within the first six (6) months of employment.


    1.Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age on date of appointment.

    2.Selected candidate must pass a thorough character investigation including reference check, criminal record check and motor vehicle record check before appointment. Candidates who do not have good character or who do not have a record free of serious offenses will be ineligible for appointment.

    3.Must, within six (6) months of employment, successfully complete a training course established by the NH Police Standards and Training Council and thereafter maintain annual certification.

    4.Must, within the first four (4) weeks of employment, successfully complete all written and physical components of the Mental Health Worker Training Program as approved by the Division of Personnel.

    5.Required by RSA 188-F:27, III-a, b, c, and in accordance with protocols established by the NH Police Standards and Training Council, all uncertified part time and full time police officer candidates, prior to assuming their duties, must successfully pass:

    -Drug screening administered under the direction of a licensed physician according to established protocols.

    -A physical fitness performance test according to established standards and successfully retest every three (3) years thereafter.

    -A psychological screening test battery administered under the direction of a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist designed to detect behavior traits that could adversely affect the ability to perform the essential functions of a police officer.

    -A physical examination according to established standards (PSTC Form D) and successful retest every three (3) years thereafter.

    Employees may be required to pay an agency/union fee.

    For further information please contact Lieutenant Frank Harris,[email protected] 603-271-5555.


    TDD Access: Relay NH 1-800-735-2964

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  2. felony

    felony MassCops Member

    They are police officers and attend the same academy as the rest of NH. They fall under the state police and patrol the state hospital facilities. They are similar to DMH police, in that they provide police services to a hospital, which serves patients with mental illness and substance abuse problems.
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  3. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    Never knew much about them, but have BOTH patches! Thanks for the INFO!
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  4. Patr8726

    Patr8726 MassCops Member

    Last I heard, they weren't armed.
  5. Chitownlost

    Chitownlost Internet "expert"

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  6. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    No question the Officers on the left side of the picture are carrying guns, the right side have SOMETHING, could be Tazers, it looks cross draw.
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  7. mpd61

    mpd61 Retired Fed, Active Special

    For the record, and under specific statutes, FUCK SSPO only works in Mass!
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  8. felony

    felony MassCops Member

    It's a police job and a foot in the door. If you're looking to relocate to NH, this could be a way to get certified and move on (or stay if you want.) NH doesn't have self sponsors, you have to be sent by a PD. The only other campus PD's that I am aware of for NH are UNH PD, Plymouth State and Keene State. I know UNH is armed not sure of the other two.
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  9. Patr8726

    Patr8726 MassCops Member

    I remember about 10 years back, the UMass Medical hospital in Worcester had armed supervisors but unarmed cops. The way they're standing in the picture makes me think this is the case there too. I'd love to be wrong on the subject of brothers & sisters having thr tools they need to do the job. And like others said, it gets you a FT academy for NH.
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  10. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    From the Keene State College Campus Safety website's "Frequently Asked Questions" section. They aren't police and definitely not armed. Only UNH and Plymouth State have PD's. No slight to Keene State.

    ? What kind of enforcement authority does Campus Safety have?

    Campus Safety Officers have the full authority to enforce all KSC policies and regulations as outlined in the student handbook and other publications, granted by Keene State College They have the authority request identification and will immediately involve the Keene Police Department if criminal activity is observed or reported.

    While the Keene State officers do not have arrest powers, they have a cooperative relationship with the Keene Police Department and work together on a daily basis to provide services to the Keene State Community. Keene State also has a College Liaison Officer who is a full-time Keene Police Officer assigned specifically to work with the College. Keene State students are held accountable through the Student Conduct system for activity both on and off campus.
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  11. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    It is possible that all the cops on the right side of the picture are righties and their guns are on their other hip. Let's not forget that! :):)
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  12. sgtmike1980

    sgtmike1980 MassCops Member

  13. EliteGrappler2K

    EliteGrappler2K MassCops Member

    I am interested to know which two Boston hospitals have 24/7 BPD details? BMC wouldn’t as they have BUPD as their armed backup, MGH is standalone, so I’d assume probably Tufts and/BWH. BWH is on a massive hiring spree as they just dumped Securitas for an in-house security department. BIDMC is the obvious armed department with a line drawn between security and police.
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  14. USAF3424

    USAF3424 MassCops Member

    Childrens and Brigham
  15. TacEntry

    TacEntry MassCops Member

    UMASS University and Memorial Hospitals in Worcester: All armed.
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  16. JD02124

    JD02124 Supporting Member

    VA Hospital Police are armed. Including the ones in Jamaica Plain and West Roxbury.
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  17. Joel98

    Joel98 MassCops Member

    Hospitals in CA are armed, hospitals in TX are armed, just off the too of my head. There are many hospital PD's across the country that are armed.

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