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Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by J5254, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. J5254

    J5254 New Member

    alright everyone well i am getting close to packing up my bags and start taking police tests down south. Reason being is i live in nj and i really want to be an NH cop but everytime i go up there to test the hiring numbers are 1,2,3 and at most 10. That is not alot considering 100 to 200 applicants. Down south the average numbers are 40, 50,maybe 60 each test. My question i am willnig to give NH one more try if anyone can tell me which departments are worthwhile for large hiring numbers. I do not want to go there again to test for some town where its political to get on in the first place and 2 or 3 is the usual hiring numbers. Info would be much appreciated.

    P.S i hear manchester puts on alot but is 10 alot out of 200 applictants?
  2. WaterPistola

    WaterPistola Subscribing Member

    Manchester and Nashua put a test on every couple of months, give them a try.
  3. AdamJ1984

    AdamJ1984 MassCops Member

    J5254, since there are not many "large" cities, your best bets like WaterPistola said are Manchester and Nashua, who both just had postings for testing. If you check the Nashua PD site, they just hired 9 new officers, and all of them have either a degree or military service. Concord is the capitol, but I am unsure of how they hire. If you really want to become an officer soon, you should pack up and head south, there are so many more opportunities, they pay is good, and for the most part the cost of living is low. Keep me posted on your journey though.
  4. HELPMe

    HELPMe New Member

    I think all of New England is described as above. For most its political for others there are just too many applicants for so few spots. MA/NH/RI/CT are almost impossible to break into. Good luck.
  5. Up_On_Base

    Up_On_Base New Member

    If any of you are having a hard time catching on w/ a PD, come to Maryland.

    Most of the counties are hiring and both Baltimore/MD State have 4 day processes for out of state people.

    You will see more hardcore action in 3 years in B-more than most guys will see in a career. I came to MD about 5 years ago for a federal LE gig, it's a nice state overall but cost of living a bit high and traffic is horrible. We came from NYC area, its worse down here.

    Very hot in the summer and mild in the winter...that being said we are moving to NH soon and I hope to catch on w/ NHSP.

    I can easily pass the PT for entrance on all the events, is it a different standard to graduate? My run time is about 11:05...I am fine in the power events but running is not my thing.

    Thanks all...great forum...glad I found it.
  6. phuzz01

    phuzz01 Subscribing Member

    NHSP entrance standards are at the 55th percentile for the Cooper test. The police academy entrance is at the 35h percentile, and exit is at the 50th percentile. So, if you can pass the NHSP entrance exam, then you have already exceeded the police academy exit standard.
  7. Up_On_Base

    Up_On_Base New Member

    Where are most of the new Troopers getting assigned? Is there a certain part of the state that is more difficult to fill? I would think the Seacoast is harder to fill based on the higher cost of living. 45K goes a lot farther inland compared to Boston burbs.

    Also - Being that the academy is shorter than most State agencies is the OJT program longer?

    For the USSS, my OJT was only 3-4 weeks but for MD State Police the field Trooper training is 8 weeks.

    Thanks -
  8. phuzz01

    phuzz01 Subscribing Member

    It rotates around. They are mostly just filling vacancies left by retirements.

    Field training is about 12 weeks.
  9. Up_On_Base

    Up_On_Base New Member


    EASTCOASTCOP MassCops Member

    NHSP is on a 2 year hiring freeze. If you did get on NHSP and you don't own a home all ready in NH.... You will be placed in Troop F. Troop F patrols I-93 from exit 24 (Ashland) to Canada. Troop F is a tough place to work but the guys are squared away. Pack your winter gear it snows a lot up here.

    FTO/ Trainee status is 1 year.

    Hope this answers your questions.
  11. RavenFourteen84

    RavenFourteen84 New Member

    I received this reply from the NH State Police Recruitment & Training Unit via email:

    We are establishing a register of qualified men and women to be used in staffing current and future vacancies in the New Hampshire Division of State Police. We are hopeful that when the new budget passes in July we will be able to hire qualified candidates.To answer your question, no currently there is not a two year hiring freeze.

    Take it for what it's worth I guess.:punk:
    I inquired because I am currently living in Texas and I received a test date.

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