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ROCHESTER, NH — A high school guidance counselor in Rochester is on paid leave after being charged with six felonies.
Brian Corey of Spaulding High School had been released on bail after his arrest on Friday on a charge of attempted burglary. After a search of Corey's car, prosecutors charged him with more offenses, including drug charges.
Police said Corey and a friend were found with 205 pills after they were arrested and charged in connection with an attempted burglary. Investigators said they tried to break into the New Durham home of an 84-year-old woman and were looking for prescription drugs.
Corey's attorney, Harry Starbranch, said the drugs didn't belong to his client. He said Corey doesn't have a drug problem and is willing to take a drug test.
Corey was released on bail again following Tuesday's arraignment on the new charges.
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