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NH Expected To Up Retirement Age To 50

Discussion in 'Retirement & Investments' started by Inspector, Mar 18, 2008.

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    As early as today the State of New Hampshire could take legislative action to up the retirement age for police and firefighters from 45 to 50 for new hires. As hinted at in some of my past posts, this move comes about as a result of the downturn in economy and while being fought against by police and fire unions, appears currently to be a dead issue. Other changes are also afoot but are not certain. Keep a watch on these develoment if you are considering coming up here for a career in law enforcement. The legislators have been working on these changes while some nasty battles have been going on between some of the unions involved and, in the Inspector's opinion, the action perhaps could have been prevented long ago if all public employees had realized how unity could prove very effective. It's the Inspector's opinion that all public employees, from police officers, firefighters, teachers, public works personnel etc. must work quietly behind the scenes to work out differences and agree on unity when confronting efforts to cut benefits for any segment of perhaps the last of the good true middle class jobs in our nation.

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