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NH Citation question.......

Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by atrain104, Mar 17, 2006.

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  1. atrain104

    atrain104 New Member

    Wednesday......Heading back from montreal on 89SB in Sunapee, NH doing 80 on cruise around a curve and thought I saw my high beam light flash on the dash (I was tired!!) so flashed my highs a couple of times to see what was up and while I was flashing them I drove by NHSP who in turn threw it into drive and pulled me over in .5 seconds. So I pull over and put the flashers on, turn the engine off and roll down the window.

    The trooper comes up to my window

    Trooper-is there an emergency

    Me- No, Im sorry Sir , this is a new car and I couldnt figure out if my high beams were on that is why I was flashing my headlights.

    Trooper-***with a disgusted look on his face*** Do you know how fast you were going.

    Me- 80 Sir , I apologize, I lost track while I was trying to get these lights to work

    Trooper- YOU WERE GOING 89, I'll take your license and registration


    Trooper goes back to the car

    The trooper then returns with a citation.

    Trooper- I knocked it down to 85 so you dont have to go to court. **(walks away and gets in car and throws it in reverse)**

    Me-Thank you.

    Now I have had some advice from others to fight this at least to have it reduced, but I wanted to share it with you guys and get your opinions. Im a MA driver just to let you guys know.

    here is the details on the ticket

    The address on the ticket is incorrect, it states my former address which is corrected on the back with a VALID MA RMV sticker and the registration is also PRINTED with the correct address (no sticker)

    Radar is checked off

    travelling at a rate of (85) in excess of the maximum speed 65mph

    the amount charged is 250.00 and that is where it gets tricky. He also handed me a list of offenses in NH which states that

    speeding 16-20 is a fine of 115.20
    speeding 21-25 is a fine of 216.00 or must appear

    If I was going 85 which the ticket states then the charge would be 115.20 right?????

    even if I was going 89 the charge would be 216.00 or get a summons????

    any advice would be appreciated.

    :-k :-k :-k :-k :-k
  2. SinePari

    SinePari Needs more complaints

    Don't worry about the language on the violation, address/radar discrepencies. That doesn't mean shit. Either man-up and pay your fine, or appeal the SPEEDING part of the ticket, not the wording.
  3. atrain104

    atrain104 New Member

    thanks, but there's no reason to tell me to man-up and pay the ticket.

    if you will read in detail, my question is to the cost, why would it be 250.00 if the new hampshire lists it as a different fine for the statute. Also, if you are a New Hampshire SPO dont you think you might want to take pride in your work and have some attention to detail, thats a good concept you have "discrepancies dont mean shit"
    maybe i can get somebody else to answer this question:thumbup:
  4. phuzz01

    phuzz01 Subscribing Member

    As far as the fine is concerned, the fines were increased by the legislature effective July 1, 2005. The DMV is just starting to print out new fine schedules with the correct fines on them, and there has been some confusion as to whether we are supposed to stop handing out the white fine schedule or not until it is corrected. The trooper put the correct fine on the summons, you just got a ticket with the old fine schedule attached. For interstates (65mph speed limit), it is now $150 for 10-15 over, $250 for 15-20 over, and $350 for 21-25 over, or must appear. By dropping you down to 85, the trooper relieved you from the requirement of having to take a day off to go to court, and he saved you a MINIMUM of $100 on the fine.

    As far as the address is concerned, that will make absolutely no difference. You can take cheap shots about attention to detail all you want, but it won't change the fact that you were breaking the law. Also, different states have different procedures as to how one changes their address on their license.

    Finally, my advice to you would be to plead not guilty. Then go to Newport District Court and tell Judge Cardello that your cruise control was set to 80mph in a 65mph zone while you were looking down and playing with your vehicle's equipment. He will be REALLY impressed by that. [-X :NO:
  5. atrain104

    atrain104 New Member

    That answered my question. Thank you. Actually, Thank you very much , you saved me the trouble of taking a day to drive to new hampshire.

    And again, it seems like everybody is a jackass when it comes to these questions and likes to throw in their two pennies. I'm not here to bump heads and I didnt ask this question to get a bunch of snide remarks from the peanut gallery. I asked it for an answer. I'm sure all of you "mass cops sergeants" are top notch but it seems to me like some of you guys might have a bit of a hard on. It wasnt a cheap shot about attention to detail, the truth is it makes a difference. You know what else makes a difference, a trooper who cares a tiny bit about his or her job that might take the time to say, listen SPEEDER I am going to hand you a chart of fines that is incorrect because they havent had time to print out the correct ones (even though it is 9 months since it got passed) so please pay the fine that i have issued because it is correct, have a nice day.

    Thanks also for letting me know I was breaking the law, I totally forgot!!!

    Finally, thank you for the advice and I looooove the name dropping, you must be pretty important to know who a Judge is in the Newport District Court in huge ass new hampshire. Im sure you never "play" with your vehicles equipment, your probably such a bad ass your car just knows to turn the headlights just from your very thought of it.

  6. lofu

    lofu Subscribing Member

    This thread could get really interesting.

    Over and Out.
  7. kwflatbed

    kwflatbed MassCops Angel Staff Member

    Just pay the fine and STFU with the comments,you got the answer that you wanted.

    We don't need another drawn out stupid battle over nothing.

    Lock it up.
  8. JoninNH

    JoninNH New Member

    Hey, ass-train...

    MassCops Sergeant or Deputy Chief or Rookie is a moniker assigned for the number of posts a particular user has posted. Phuzz is a New Hampshire State Trooper. I'm sure he wasn't name dropping, ass-train, merely trying to drive the point home that there are some judges who aren't going to care too much that your address was incorrect on your ticket. Unless I'm wrong, the judge is not bound by the uniform fine schedule if you plead not guilty, so please, plead NG and waste the courts time arguing about your address... maybe you'll see a larger fine.

    Why do nitwits come on this site and look for ways out of traffic tickets, or to get a fine reduced or whatever?? This isn't www.beat-my-ticket.com.

  9. futureMSP

    futureMSP MassCops Member

    If you do, by chance, decide to fight the ticket, you do have to go in front of a judge. But FYI, last time I knew they explain to you that they can and will increase the fine as they see fit. That was as of probably 3 years ago. I know your angry about getting a ticket, but he did reduce it slightly so you did not HAVE to appear in Court. I know it is hard for anybody to be appreciative of anything, no matter how small. You set your cruise at 80 and probably were going down a hill, therefore probably going 89. You were half asleep messing with your headlights which you should know how to operate regardless of the car's age.

    Just slow down and don't set your cruise control at 80 and you won't ever have to meet a NH Troop again.
  10. phuzz01

    phuzz01 Subscribing Member

    Also, atrain, when your background investigator asks you about the speeding ticket, make sure you tell him that it was a BS ticket because the trooper put your old address on it, and he didn't pay attention to detail...background investigators like that.
  11. KozmoKramer

    KozmoKramer Administrator Staff Member

    The question was asked, answered, a rebuttal proffered, and closing arguments made.
    Think its time to put it to rest. (Take the advice A-Train...)
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