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NFL Star Jermaine Green Hostage/OIS VIDEO

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    Outstanding! I spotted 3 things rarely seen up this way:
    -Pistol Lights
    -Body Cam

    Video: Fla. police shoot NFL star holding hostage at knife-point

    Police were forced to fire at Jermaine Green several times when he appeared to be aiming a knife at his hostage.

    By Jerriann Sullivan
    Orlando Sentinel

    DAYTONA, Fla. — Dramatic video of Daytona Beach police officers shooting former NFL-star Jermaine Green six times was released Wednesday.
    "I'm proud of what the officers did," Police Chief Mike Chitwood said. "Everybody went home to their families."
    Police body cameras captured the Sept. 25 shooting of the 32-year-old former New York Giants player and the woman he was holding captive at knifepoint, 37-year-old Katrina Johnson in the 800 block of Magnolia Avenue.
    When officers arrived, neighbors told them the man inside was going to kill the woman.
    "Let her go! Let her go," officers yelled at Green.
    Instead, Green pulled Johnson on top of him and was holding the knife to her chest.
    Green shoves the knife down attempting to stab Johnson and prompting two of the three officers to start shooting.
    Green was shot several times, and the woman was shot once in the right arm, Chitwood said.
    Green was charged with one felony count of aggravated battery, according to the police report.
    Since 2002, Green has been arrested nine times for various incidents, including a criminal mischief charge in July and a domestic battery arrest in 2010.

    McClatchy-Tribune News Service

    Copyright 2013 The Orlando Sentinel

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    Yup. Outstanding job. I heard the Axon Flex double-beep from the camera... We just ordered three for our department.

    Good communication between the officers entering the house, they were aware of their Priority of Fire.

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