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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (NBC) - An NFL player is in critical condition after being shot several times early Tuesday morning in Jacksonville, Florida.
Police say Jacksonville Jaguars player Richard Collier and a former player Kenneth Pettway were in a parked car when a gunman shot into their vehicle.
They were waiting for some women they had met at a club to come out of an apartment.
Officials said the 26-year-old Collier was struck several times and Pettway was not injured.
The reason behind the attack is unclear. The sheriff's office is investigating.

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JACKSONVILLE, Florida (AFP) — Jacksonville Jaguars player Richard Collier has had his leg amputated after he was shot 14 times earlier this month while sitting in a parked car.
Doctors also said Collier, who was shot in the shoulder, stomach, back and leg, is paralyzed below the waist.
It was the first significant news of Collier's condition since the shooting.
The 26-year-old Collier has been in hospital since being shot multiple times in the early-morning hours on September 2 while he was sitting in a passenger seat of a parked vehicle.
Collier was not drafted and made just one career start with the Jaguars.
Collier, in his third year with the Jaguars, underwent surgery for life-threatening injuries just hours after the shooting. He was in critical condition following the surgery.
According to a report from the Jacksonville police, they responded to a report of gunshots being fired. Collier was found in the front passenger seat and had been shot repeatedly, police said.
Police said the two men had been out partying in the San Marco area when they met two women.
According to police, the two men followed the women to an apartment with the plans to drop the females' vehicle off and continue socializing in one vehicle.
While the men were waiting outside the apartment, someone walked up to the Cadillac Escalade and fired off a number of shots into the vehicle, striking Collier.
It was the third shooting of an NFL player since January 2007.
Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was shot and killed following a New Year's Eve party in Denver in 2007, and Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor was fatally wounded during a robbery attempt at his Miami home last November.
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