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NFL Lock of The Week

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Anyone who is into football on here? Lets post our locks of the week each week? This week I have to say Green Bay over Washington, GB giving 1.5.
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I'll take the Eagles over the Steelers in a fairly close one tomorrow; 24-17. Here's hoping the Birds still remain the ONLY undefeated NFL team again after the game! :wink:

Maybe some good newsfor the Birds - Staley is questionable, and even better news for Philly is that Pinkston, Runyan and Westbrook will all play. T.O. is on fire, look for Kearse to sack Roethlisberger, not just once, but at least 2 times! (ok, so I'm hoping it'll be 2), and a final note - McNabb will definitely get his game back after his near disaster last week.

I have faith in the Eagles. ;)

Posted Sun Nov 07, 19:46:

Ouch. So much for having faith. :roll:
I'm more of a hockey fan and am much better at predicting a win there, but with the CBA going on, hockey's not in the cards right now.

I will take Philadelphia over Dallas though next Monday night. Here's hoping they won't disappoint me two weeks in a row. Go Eagles!
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