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Next Reserve Academy?

Discussion in 'Reserve / Auxiliary' started by PW2465, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. PW2465

    PW2465 MassCops Member

    Does anyone know when the next Reserve Academy in Southern MA is?
  2. bbuck

    bbuck MassCops Member

  3. PW2465

    PW2465 MassCops Member

    Thank you.
  4. BostonIrish

    BostonIrish MassCops Member

    How do you get sponsored for a Reserve/Intermittent Academy?
  5. bbuck

    bbuck MassCops Member

    Ask your local chief, join an Auxiliary department, just to name a few.
  6. CO4Sho

    CO4Sho MassCops Member

    I have heard many chiefs are willing to sponsor people even if they do not work as a reserve, special, or auxiliary. There is no liability on them, so it is worth asking... worst they can say is no.
  7. niteowl1970

    niteowl1970 Moderator Staff Member

    For those who are in college or entering college, working as a student security officer can be a very good step towards a career in law enforcement. You get to make connections with the officers and command staff on campus and College PD chiefs will usually sponsor you for the R/I academy. Many of SSO's where I work have first gone on to become summer officers on the cape and Maine and after graduation have gotten on with agencies like the New Hampshire State Police, U.S. Border Patrol, and The Chesterfield County, Va PD just to name a few. It's worth looking into.
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  8. CapeSpecial

    CapeSpecial MassCops Member

    Plymouth typically runs one in Sept and one in March
  9. hogie1

    hogie1 New Member

    FYI, depending on where you're at the R/I academies in SE Mass are Plymouth, Swansea, & Foxboro. If you need a sponsor, try the COP where you live & make the request as a resident (make sure you've got a clean record!). The new requirements are 335 hrs, & you can't miss any classes (you can make up a few but not many). And be sure to start looking for work near the end of your academy if not earlier. You must be appointed within 2 yrs or you will have to redo the whole thing!
  10. BostonIrish

    BostonIrish MassCops Member

    Has anyone had experience getting sponsored by someone in Boston? I live in the city, but I feel like my chances of getting on as campus police or any where else is limited due to the fact I haven't gone through a reserve academy. This may sound dumb but has anyone gotten sponsorship through BPD or should I look else where to get sponsored?
  11. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    BPD sponsors NO ONE. It's too big a department. Smaller towns might. Living in Boston, look to some suburban towns for sponsorship and do not hesitate to apply to the colleges and hospitals regardless of what training you've had. At this moment, no one seems to be hiring, but that can change in a heartbeat. Hit the bricks. It's more valuable to be trying than asking here. Self reliance goes farther than asking questions.
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  12. BostonIrish

    BostonIrish MassCops Member

    Thanks for the answer, I've been applying everywhere. just wanted to get some insight on where I could get sponsored. Thanks for the info!
  13. Goose

    Goose The list is long but distinguished. Staff Member

    Check out auxiliary departments as well. You may have to put a year in, but it shouldn't be a problem to get sponsored once you do. You would probably have to pay for the academy on your own dime though.

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  14. Tango_Sierra

    Tango_Sierra MassCops Member

    Wow 335 hours? I haven't seen any of the new requirements at all. I think it use to be 120 hours years ago?
  15. hogie1

    hogie1 New Member

    There's a ton of absolute BS crap that they've added. I should know, as I've done the 120, 212, and finally 335. And yes, I am almost an old [email protected] and yes I passed all three (finally appointed, so let this be a lesson, never ever give up).

    I learned more about drugs, criminal procedure & con law in the 120 because of better instructors. DT has improved dramatically as well as patrol procedures in the 212 & 335. Having gone to Foxboro & then Swansea, Foxboro had way better instructors.

    For the record, the 335 has certs in breath testing, field sobriety, radar, as well as too much touchy feely crap that overlaps so much they could cut the hours by 40. But I also have 12 yrs of experience as a FF/EMT and I've done my fair share of EDP's, drunks, Sec 12's, autistics, elderly abuse, & child neglect calls so I didn't learn anything new.

    This 335 hr thing was pushed by the western PD chiefs who mainly employ P/T guys, so most of the certs will fall by the wayside for guys like me who work the detail circuit.

    But in the end it is so worth it and best of luck to you new guys. I'm on the down slope (17 yrs total towards retirement & I'll have 32 at 55.). Peace out.
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  16. districtcircus12

    districtcircus12 MassCops Member

    training video for new part time recruits.

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