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Next Boston Academy (New Thread All Posts)

Discussion in 'Boston' started by kwflatbed, May 2, 2008.

  1. jt92

    jt92 MassCops Member

    Good information, I’ll get the ball rolling where need be, thanks gents.
  2. TrueBleedBlue

    TrueBleedBlue MassCops Member

    Looks like I may have to wait until the next one. Just to confirm, the letters were sent via email correct?
  3. 8BRAVO

    8BRAVO MassCops Member

    Yeah they came out yesterday... Where do you fall on the list?
  4. TrueBleedBlue

    TrueBleedBlue MassCops Member

    I'm 662 and scored an 87 so it may require the second class if anything. We'll see....fingers crossed....
  5. JohnnyCakes93

    JohnnyCakes93 MassCops Member

    What’s the lowest they went? Anyone know?
  6. USAF3424

    USAF3424 MassCops Member

    93 I believe
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  7. Civserv2017

    Civserv2017 MassCops Member

    That would make sense I was at a 92.
  8. 8BRAVO

    8BRAVO MassCops Member

    I'm in the low hundreds on the list score wise I got an 86 (resident /vet) I'm guessing if you're in the first couple hundred on the list you got a card
  9. Detail Cop

    Detail Cop MassCops Member

    Just some random stuff, thinking back to when I went thru the process...Track down your Social Security card, you need to present the original, same goes for birth certificate. You'll want your addresses on your tax returns to match with the addresses you're claiming to have lived at, for those time periods. I got lit up for having an out of city address on one of my tax returns, needed to explain why in a very awkward phone call with my detective. Official high school and college transcripts are needed. If your company didn't keep formal attendance records, get SOMETHING from your HR department. A letter giving some indication of your overall attendance, something, anything.

    There's like 100 pages in the application packet to fill out on top of all the items you need to gather. Whether you're working 2 jobs or Netflix and chilling all day, you're going to feel pressure to get everything done on time. As you're filling everything out, if you find yourself thinking "they might ask me about this", they will, and they probably won't ask nicely. Good luck.
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  10. jeeper82

    jeeper82 New Member

    Hi guys. I got a card earlier this week, I'm currently somewhere in the ballpark of 140-160 on the list (Don't really want to give my exact number) and was just wondering my odds of actually getting a slot in the academy, provided I pass the background? Is this section too high to get a call?

  11. TrueBleedBlue

    TrueBleedBlue MassCops Member

    I was under the impression that as long as you pass all of the remaining tests you are essentially in? No? For a class of 100 to 120 and with the range you provided, I would assume that you are in the ballpark given that a lot of folks wash out. I am by no means an expert on this but I am just answering on the basis of what I learned here!!! Anyone want to chime in?
  12. drecap

    drecap New Member

    Anyone know how far down they have gone down the list?
  13. 8BRAVO

    8BRAVO MassCops Member

    I feel like there should be a "2018 Boston Academy" thread.... Since this one dates back to 2008
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  14. TrueBleedBlue

    TrueBleedBlue MassCops Member

    I heard that the folks who got letters in Feb had the initial orientation at HQ. Applicants were given their BI folders and a list to begin collecting the required docs. Does anyone know how long does the BI take and what's after that? I'm thinking that the BI will probably conclude in Aug, psych and medical (sep/oct), then PAT (nov), then the academy starts in December?
  15. 8BRAVO

    8BRAVO MassCops Member

    Academy is targeted for November... Background probably +/- 6 months
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  16. TrueBleedBlue

    TrueBleedBlue MassCops Member

    Good to's sooner than I thought. Thanks 8BRAVO!
  17. Melishap

    Melishap New Member

    I received my card in march and was asked to sign a sheet at headquarters. was told to start getting my paperwork together. Any idea when the next orientation will be? I was told I have to take a language test since I speak spanish and there is a spanish vacancy. I'm going on vacation and I just want to know if I have to reschedule or cancel trip.
  18. 8BRAVO

    8BRAVO MassCops Member

    I'd give BPD HR a call and ask...
  19. soldier_medic

    soldier_medic MassCops Member

    There will not be
  20. Melishap

    Melishap New Member

    Thank you for motivating me to call to confirm incorrect information. There in fact is another orientation, right after the language test is distributed next month for the December police academy. I appreciate the help either way.
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  21. TrueBleedBlue

    TrueBleedBlue MassCops Member

    I heard that Language Applicants will be having a separate orientation and that the language test is an either you know the language or you don’t type of exam.
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  22. Melishap

    Melishap New Member

    This is correct. This is exactly what j was told over the phone earlier today.
  23. Civserv2017

    Civserv2017 MassCops Member

    how does the process typically work? do they usually hand out a couple round of cards based on inital responses? or do they usually fill a class with the first round?
  24. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    Yes, this is information I should have sought much earlier, but a former colleague of mine is graduating Tuesday, the 10th. He's been rather busy and not always able to respond to texts. He's invited me to the graduation (along with a bunch of us) and frankly, I can find NOTHING on line to say where this is taking place. He's told me it's 11 am. Beyond that, nada and the BPD website is totally useless.

    Anyone with any info?
  25. Dre51085

    Dre51085 MassCops Member

    Bu Agganis arena
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