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Discussion in 'State Police' started by graveyardsleeper, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. Tango

    Tango Subscribing Member

    " scored a 97% and Iam already on the job for you information.."

    - then why does your profile say you are an animal control officer??
  2. Dane

    Dane Subscribing Member

    The profile defaults to Animal Control Officer if you don't change it. If you check, there are probably hundreds of people listed as animal control officers on this board. Just a quirk.
  3. lawdog671

    lawdog671 MassCops Member

    And apparently they dont have spell check where you come from either, Mr. 97%. Funny how you score a 97 and have NO grasp of english as a written language. Don't worry though, in your world you should be able to take the test again so we can have the best of the best. Just don't ask them to spell it. Jeez...
  4. Enforcer174

    Enforcer174 New Member

    Oh, I didnt know I was getting graded for spelling in MASSCOPS sorry about that. You can have your opinion just like me but the whole civil service is a mess. How can getting a job on any Mass Dept. be fair anyways when lets say you score a 95% and just because your a nonresident of that city or town you get passed over for a resident that scores 90%. The whole reason for taking a civil service test is to score high and get a job but not here in Mass..
  5. Massguy

    Massguy MassCops Member

  6. Sgt. Canseco

    Sgt. Canseco New Member

    Very good 1st post...I too would like to know.
  7. ponyboy

    ponyboy MassCops Member

    One of my coworkers was in new Braintree for an FTO trainers class,and the instructor said they were talking about an 80th RTT next spring,and then possibly one more class after that.
  8. Massguy

    Massguy MassCops Member

    thank you...that atleast gives some hope

    MARINECOP MassCops Member

    Great class, awsome job by Sgt Hennigan. I was there and was told the same.
  10. tazoez

    tazoez Subscribing Member

    DARN IT!!!! That means I have to wait ATLEAST 2+ years for the next exam :-(
  11. Massguy

    Massguy MassCops Member

    Yes it is unfortunate that you have to wait for another test but like probally every single person that is a State Trooper know most likeley had to go through the long process ie(wait 2-3 years to be contacted,phys.test, interview board, physc. test, and background check) to get on. Just like I have been waiting since 02 and know I am so close I can taste it. So hopfully they do one more class.....Morale of the story.....anything is worth the wait if you want it bad enough! It just depends on how bad you want it.
  12. tazoez

    tazoez Subscribing Member

    Trust me I know how bad I want it, LOL. The only thing is -- not to sound like a worry wart here but $70,000 in student loans -- need to find a decent paying job in the mean time. Making $10 an hr will not pay all the bills after December. :-(
  13. ponyboy

    ponyboy MassCops Member

    I hear what your saying about being worth the wait,but unfortunately for some of us me included the clock is ticking and I pray that I make one more test. I'm 33. If the SGT. Knows what he is talking about you should be good to go,because he was pretty confident about one more class. So I hope you get the call and good luck.
  14. Massguy

    Massguy MassCops Member

    Thank you. I hope to...not to burst your bubble but isn't the cut off 32?
  15. badgebunny

    badgebunny "Tinkerbell"

    I thought cut off age was 35.
  16. nirtallica

    nirtallica Subscribing Member

    Here is the skinny! The Senate's budget calls for an 80th RTT. If it passes Conference Comm. then there will be a class possibly in Nov. If not, then it has to go on a Sup. Budget.If that happens, you will not see another class until early next year. HR wants to still use this list and exhaust the 95's. Most of the 95's have completed parts, if not all of the selections process. Their reasoning is why waste money already spent.Having said that, I have heard that HR is considering another test possibly next Fall. With the new Col. everything is still up in the air. Once he gets settled in and his Cmnd. Staff is in place, then plans will either move forward or change, but nothing will happen until funding is secured.Also bear in mind the SPA Repot that was issued recently. It will cost money to implement those changes. If the Col. wants to implement those changes before another class goes through, that takes more time, so the easiest thing for the Col. to do is direct HR to hold another exam. My guess is the 80th RTT will go sometime between Nov '06 and Feb '07. After that, there will be a new test with changes recommended in the report implemented. 95ers, stay in shape, remain anonymous, keep out of trouble and save your money.
  17. ponyboy

    ponyboy MassCops Member

    You have until the last day of your 35th Birthday to be signed up for the test.
  18. Mitpo62

    Mitpo62 Subscribing Member

    Curses! MIssed the #$%^&@ boat again! :beer:
  19. Massguy

    Massguy MassCops Member

    Well here I go again.....95er here that is complete with the hiring process including the background...any new rumors spreading about the 80th RTT? I would imagine that they would have to start making some decsions on what they are going to do before this class graduates in September right???again sorry to be a pest but any word is better than no word, oh rah...
  20. Q5POS

    Q5POS New Member

    Not necessarily. Just because there's a class in at the SPA currently doesn't matter when it comes to deciding when the next class is gonna be. That just happen to be the pattern with the last three classes. Yes it would be nice becuase you have all the DI's there, the system is already in place, instructors are there, etc... I had to wait over 5 years for them to put on a class. Basically what it comes down to is money. If the job has it, there will be a class, if it doesn't, or, it steals the money to put somewhere else (which happens a lot) then no class either. Simple as that. In the meantime, don't quit your day job.

    Be prepared to stand by for stand by....
  21. 1811

    1811 MassCops Member

    If they interview one 95er or 94er, do they interview them all? How do they select the names from each score category?

    Sorry if this is common knowledge, but I'm new to the board.
  22. Massguy

    Massguy MassCops Member

    Any New word on a 80th RTT
  23. Q5POS

    Q5POS New Member

    Yeah, the word is "no"

  24. futureMSP

    futureMSP MassCops Member

    I am not sure about the final budget, but the budget that is viewable on the Mass website has no line item for it.
    New State Police Classes 8100-0515 0 Discontinued appropriation.
  25. ponyboy

    ponyboy MassCops Member

    I don't know about the 80th,but I had heard a possibility for another exam in August of 2007. Of course this is just a rumor I heard.
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