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New York police hunt man allegedly posing as female officer

Discussion in 'Police Impersonation News' started by kwflatbed, Apr 19, 2012.

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      FILE: The NYPD is looking for this person, believed to be a man impersonating a female cop. (myFOXny)
    New York City police say they are searching for a man who apparently has impersonated a female police officer at least twice to commit crimes, myFOXny reports.
    Police say a man dressed as a female officer went to Harlem Hospital last month, flashed what appeared to be a police badge and was granted access to administrative offices. They say it appears he left without taking anything.
    About two hours later, myFOXny reports the man went to a Chase bank, flashed the badge and asked a woman if he could see her purse. He then stole her debit card and escaped.
    Police say the woman handed the purse over because she assumed the man, or "woman," was a real police officer.
    MyFOXny reports the NYPD has dedicated its Police Impersonation Unit to the case.
    Click here for more on this story from myFOXny.

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    Police Impersanation Unit????? Only in NYC

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