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A Greece, NY man is in critical condition tonight after being shot by a police officer. Scott Burke is in the intensive care unit after being shot in the arm. It happened after a domestic dispute at his home On Nahant Road off Denise in Greece. We spoke with a neighbor who saw it all happen.
Norwood Flan has lived on Nahant road for more than 50 years. He’s seen a lot of things, but nothing like last night.
“I look up there, and it was Scott just kicking away and flailing away.“
He saw his neighbor Scott Burke pacing in front of his second floor bedroom window. Flan decided to call 911.
“I was afraid that he might have Karen up there which is his wife.”
Flan was right. Police surrounded the home. They said that Scott Burke was threatening his wife Karen Cottrel with a knife.
“When the officer went to the door, the guy screamed if the officer comes into the house, he's going to kill his wife.”
They immediately called in the swat team, but before they got there, Greece Police told us Scott Burke raised the knife over his head and yelled to his wife “say goodbye i'm going to kill you” and he started to bring the knife down.
That’s when officer Shaun Moore fired his rifle, Hitting Burke in the arm. Flan saw it all happen.
“All the sudden I hear ‘pow’ and I see the guy go down.”
Police say Burke should survive his injuries. If he does he'll be charged with attempted murder and unlawful imprisonment.

Relatives say the couple had been going through a tough time, and police say Burke had been drinking.
“So I would have to say alcohol actually led up to it. They said he's not normally this way, but the alcohol apparently took control and he went crazy.”
Karen Cottrel told police the officer who shot her husband saved her life. Today it's back to shoveling snow for neighbors like Flan...
“Nothing surprises me today, nothing. Only thing is I feel bad for him.”
Neighbor’s say Scott Burke was recently laid off. We found out he has no criminal history.

Burke is under police guard at strong hospital tonight.
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