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New MPTC academy admission requirements

Discussion in 'MPTC' started by 02136colonel, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Edmizer1

    Edmizer1 MassCops Member

    Some of the issues with Cooper are not necessarily the percentage standard for each module but being able to pass every module at the standard. Some do very well at running but not upper body strength. I know of a case out of an out of state applicant for a large agency that broke the agency's run time record during pre-screening. The applicant then failed the bench press and was not hired.
  2. Bloodhound

    Bloodhound MassCops Member

    Well we all know what makes a good cop is how much you bench.
  3. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    I’ll take a guy that is stronger any day over a fast runner!! In the academy the guys that were weightlifters and ran the 1.5 mile run at 11:30 versus the guys that ran it I. 9:30 always got their butts kicked at hands on wrestling and combat.

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  4. Bloodhound

    Bloodhound MassCops Member

    I'm just saying failing to hire a guy that can set a land speed record because he didn't meet a bench requirement is ridiculous. Obviously he's fit, which is the point of the whole thing.
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  5. USAF3424

    USAF3424 MassCops Member

    You should be able to bench press your bodyweight for one rep. I honestly think it should be higher but thats a different story.
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  6. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    When I was very young I had to do it for RISP and it was 1.10 percent your body weight. Now on the running part. I only had one foot pursuit after I graduated the academy and I chased that fool for like 1/2 mile before a Brockton cruiser ran him over.

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  7. PG1911

    PG1911 Back Out in the Sticks

    I agree. I think a points-based fitness test is better for the reasons you stated. Basically, you can score 1 through whatever based on your time or reps in everything. Meet the minimum number of points to pass.

    Obviously, you set a low minimum standard for every event, probably around the 20th percentile, and if you fail that, you're out. I mean, if you can bench 500 lbs but can't run a mile in under 12 minutes or catch anything faster than a snail when you sprint, the best you'll be able to do as a cop when people run away is shake your fist and say, "When I get my hands on you...!!" Likewise, maybe you can win the Boston Marathon, but if you can't even bench a hundred pounds...okay, you caught the bad guy and he's fighting. Now what are you gonna do??

    So I say set the point system up that there's no way to pass if you're at the minimum for everything. Basically, to pass, you have to be average or better at everything, or if you're passing but below average at some exercises, you need to be WAY above average in others.
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  8. ClintEastwood4Sheriff

    ClintEastwood4Sheriff MassCops Member



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  9. ClintEastwood4Sheriff

    ClintEastwood4Sheriff MassCops Member

  10. Javert

    Javert MassCops Member

    You know what’s REALLY sad? The Court Officers have already been doing Cooper for years.
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  11. AB7

    AB7 MassCops Member

    Hampden, Franklin, Hampshire, and Berkshire County Sheriff’s Departments all do Cooper standard.

    Hampden requires you to pass the 1.5 mile run or pushups or sit-ups every year of employment or else face corrective action up to and including termination of employment. They give you a little wiggle room but you still need to be able to do it.

    I know old guys that retired from HCSD and can still pass these requirements.
  12. CapeSpecial

    CapeSpecial MassCops Member

    This is exactly why I argue that any pre-employment fitness test is useless. If you are not going to have a standard for officers to maintain while on the job, don't have it before the job and during the academy.
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  13. CCCSD

    CCCSD MassCops Member

    Who is this “Cooper”, and why are they “doing” him..?
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  14. fjd1075

    fjd1075 MassCops Member

    Wow, 30 percent to pass Cooper test in other state for police academies. They must have almost full classes that graduare.
  15. fjd1075

    fjd1075 MassCops Member

    There has been talk of lowering the standard below 50% as many higher ups in the Trial Court, are not too happy with 40-50% failure rate before the academy even starts
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  16. fjd1075

    fjd1075 MassCops Member

    If we had that requirement in the Trial Court more that half of the Court Officers would be gone. But you guys are group 4 so make sense. We have a voluntary Pat test, more like an obstacle course. If you can pass Cooper Standards at 50%, our test is a piece of cake.
  17. Johnny Law

    Johnny Law Nemo me impune lacessit Staff Member

    I was hired under Cooper standards in the very early 90’s. Some guys failed the fat pinch test (BMI) and paid out of their own pockets to have the more accurate “float” test. I passed all my pre-screening and my entrance PT test. Our first of three PT tests during the academy, I missed the sit-ups by 2. Why? During my entrance PT exam, all the pushups, sit-ups, sit and reach were BEFORE the mile and a half run. They switched it up during the academy itself and the 1.5 was first. I exhausted myself during the run.

    You know what I did in the two weeks before my retest? I did sit-ups like it was my job every day after I got home from the academy. I never had a problem after that. Today’s PT requirements are a shadow of their former selves. People coming on now are soft as puppy shit if they can’t pass 40%.
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  18. JD02124

    JD02124 Supporting Member

    Pass whatever PT test you want before or in the academy still no guarantee you'll graduate. I was rated above average fitness on day 3 and dropped… almost literally on week 9 for medical. Whomp whomp....
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  19. PG1911

    PG1911 Back Out in the Sticks

    When I went through the academy in PA, it was 30th to qualify for the academy, but it was 50th to graduate. However, most PDs in PA only require a 30 score to get hired. So you have to get into decent shape to graduate, but you can slack off and fall back into pre-academy shape and still get on the job.

    I'm glad they don't do the BMI test. A lot of guys with higher body fat do just fine, and often better, than the leaner guys in just about every event. Hell, according to SEALs and Rangers I've spoken to, in military special operations selections, guys with slightly higher body fat tend to be successful more often than the Olympic athletes who are all muscle and bone. The fat keeps guys warmer during surf torture in BUD/S, and it helps guys with their stamina during the long periods without food in Ranger School. If you can pass the test, it shouldn't matter if you have a gut or a six pack.
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  20. Johnny Law

    Johnny Law Nemo me impune lacessit Staff Member

    I wasn’t as specific in formulating my post as I should have been . I didn’t mean to imply guys that didn’t pass the BMI were not good candidates. I meant to point out that people that failed specific portions of the old standards and can still overcame the problems.

    The current trend of the dumbing down of any standard to fit the lowest common denominator (weak candidate) is what is soft. And it shows.
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