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New Jersey man posed as 'twin' to avoid court dates
Published February 15, 2015
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A New Jersey man repeatedly told local court officials they had the wrong man and it was his twin brother who racked up several traffic tickets.

However, court officials finally realized that Olawale Agoro used a fake name to have his court dates postponed. Olawale posed as his "twin" Tony to get new court dates for his traffic violations. He now faces charges of hindering apprehension, false swearing and resisting arrests, reports.

"This is just another example of the extremes people will go to escape justice," Rochelle Park Police Chief Robert Flannelly said in a media release Friday.

Police said the rouse began in July when a Maywood, N.J. officer pulled Agoro over and issued him five traffic tickets. When he appeared in municipal court, he identified himself as "Tony," and said he was legally blind. However, officer Matthew Parodi, who pulled Agoro over, knew it was the same individual he stopped.
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