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New Hampshire Law Enforcement Groups in Website Battle

Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by kwflatbed, Sep 27, 2006.

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    A legal feud is brewing between two law enforcement agencies over a website.
    The New Hampshire State Troopers Association has filed an injunction against the New Hampshire Highway Patrol Association, asking them to stop operating
    The site is just one letter different from the Troopers Association site,
    The injunction claims that when the Troopers Association made a complaint, the site was changed to direct people to negative comments and images about state troopers.
    One page displayed "no whining" magnets. Another showed an article about a former state trooper who was convicted of child pornography.
    The president of the Highway Patrol Association denies any connection to the site. "Our association does not own that domain or control that domain. We never have," said William Carlberg.
    The State Troopers association said it can prove otherwise.
    "We believe nhtrooper is a very specific title, and it belongs, after being earned, to the members of the state police," said N.H. Troopers Association President Louis Copponi. "We don't believe anyone should have claim to that name."
    The registered user of the site in question is private, so the person's or organization's name can not be disclosed.
    The two sides will go to court on Oct. 11.
    The State Troopers Association will ask a judge to reserve any variation of its website for state troopers only.
    New Hampshire State Troopers and Highway Patrol both patrol roadways in the state and both operate under the Department of Safety. However, each agency has different duties and separate unions.

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    Each and every day, New Hampshire is becoming a little bit more like Massachusetts.
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    Scary ! I thought you guys had your shit together that way. Must be cuz more Massholes are moving up there every day.

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