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Something fairly new and exciting for the AR / M series rifles, this new upper is a gas piston upper. It greatly enhances the reliability and reduces maintenance of the AR guns.

The gas system is "closed" to the breach area so no gas and powder are blown back into the area most sensitive to dirt and debris.

The upper comes as shown, retails for about $1,000 and is made in the USA.
This is a significant savings over the HK version which is near 3 times the cost!

Also note this upper will "drop on" almost any aftermarket lower from colt, RRA, DPMS, Troy Industries, etc and so on. The upper itself is NOT a firearm so can be purchased very easily and requires a lower to operate. Another feature of this upper is the gas piston system slows most full auto rates of fire down to something more manageable.

If anyone would like a demo of the upper on their guns, just let me know.
The upper comes as shown, with the handguard, bolt and carrier, Troy Industries flip up rear sight and a bunch of other features.

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