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FITCHBURG -- The Fitchburg Police Department has four new cruisers on the streets and a fifth is on the way, according to Police Chief Robert DeMoura.
"We got them in," DeMoura said.
The City Council appropriated $100,000 from the city's free cash account to buy four new cruisers during the budget deliberation process. A fifth cruiser is being purchased through a state grant process, DeMoura said.
Councilor at-large Annie DeMartino asked if the cars had arrived yet during last week's Finance Committee meeting. DeMoura said getting the cars took some time because the city has to go through a bidding process to purchase them.
Police decals are also placed on the cars signifying they are part of the Fitchburg Police Department.
"We appreciate the council's hard work in finding the money for this important issue," DeMoura said.
DeMoura said officers feel more safe and comfortable driving in new cruisers.
"Just like we don't let officers go out with rusty guns," DeMoura said.
He said the cruisers will be kept on a regular maintenance schedule to ensure they're in top condition. DeMoura said he'd like to see the department get two new cruisers each year. He said if that is done the city would save money in the long-term by not having to spend as much money on maintenance.
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