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New Cruiser Design

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At Dean we redesigned our cruisers. I wanna know what you guys think? Also no more "Public Safety" for us.

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Mikey682 @ Mon 13 Sep said:
Maybe another red stripe across the bottom, but I think it looks alot better than the old one.
Hey Pat when I can drive that one???? \:D/
Mikey you can start driving it on friday, with your favorite FTO! :D

Posted Mon 13 Sep, 2004:

reno911_2004 @ Mon 13 Sep said:
Pretty sharp, though it did throw me off that it didn't say "Police" anywhere other than the small writing on your emblem.
Yeah, it's alright though. It took us alot of work to get it to what we wanted. We got rid of our old letter that said Public Safety. But at night the Patch beams right out at you as it is reflective. People do give a double look at it. We are pleased with it. It is one of many changes our department has done these past few months. The college administration was pretty pleased with it as well.
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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