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By Brian Fraga
Standard-Times staff writer
August 30, 2008 6:00 AM

ACUSHNET - A New Bedford teen was arraigned Friday in District Court for allegedly slashing a man outside an Acushnet home following a house party down the street.
While police were responding to the incident Thursday night, three gunshots were heard in the area of Pleasant and South Main streets, but no injuries were reported.
Ethan Barnes, 17, of Maxfield Street, New Bedford, was charged with assault with attempt to murder, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assault and battery. He was released on $2,500 cash bail.
According to Acushnet police, Mr. Barnes and an 18-year-old New Bedford man were leaving a house party on Pleasant Street when they confronted two men who were standing outside watching the commotion.
Just before midnight, police had been called to a report of a house party with possible underage drinking. Police did not see any signs of underage drinking, but the homeowner decided to end the party, said Acushnet Police Chief Michael Alves.
Chief Alves said Mr. Barnes, the 18-year-old New Bedford man and a third unidentified man left the house party in a car, but stopped in front of a residence down the street where the two older men were standing.
The three got out of the car and confronted the two older men, police said. One of the men in the car reportedly said he was from Monte's Park in New Bedford, had a .22 handgun and was going to kill everyone. However, he then returned to his car and left the scene, police said.
During the ensuing confrontation in the Pleasant Street driveway, Mr. Barnes allegedly slashed the chin and neck of one of the older men with a knife, leading the two older men to arm themselves with a sledgehammer and crow bar inside the garage, police said.
Acushnet Police Sgt. Gary Coppa arrived at the scene and saw the four men in the midst of the confrontation. He drew his weapon and ordered everyone to drop their weapons. Everyone complied except for Mr. Barnes, who allegedly waved his arms and yelled obscenities at Sgt. Coppa, court records said.
While Sgt. Coppa was trying to control the situation, three gunshots were fired, presumably from nearby South Main Street. Sgt. Coppa had seen a young, unidentified man and a vehicle on South Main Street while he was driving to the incident on Pleasant Street.
Chief Alves said Sgt. Coppa showed "remarkable restraint" in not firing his weapon.
"The fact is that the discharged weapon is extremely dangerous and could have triggered an entire cascade of events that would have been extremely unfortunate," Chief Alves said.
Police did not find shell casings or any signs of property damage in the area. Detectives are still trying to identify the man who allegedly fired his weapon.
Chief Alves said it was unclear why the young men decided to confront the two older men outside the residence.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Acushnet Police Department at (508) 998-0240.
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