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Integrate the email software to the board on not

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Within the next week or so I will be purchasing a stand alone web based email application. This new software will replace the masscop web mail provided by

The question I have is this, I have the option to integrate the new web based email with the message board registration, so when you register as a member you will automatically get a free email address. This will also work for current members. If you currently have the username OU812 on the board your email address will be [email protected].

The other option is to run the service separate from the board which means you will have to register in order to obtain a web based email account. The benefit of running it separately will also allow me to offer web based email on the multiple domains that we have registered for MassCops.

The other domains that would be available are as follows:


So the question is to integrate the email software to the board on not?

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Its a good idea Gil, but go with what is easier for you. does it. Although its real slow cause there server is bogged down with so many users and crap. Not many people use it either cause you have to go through like 5 steps to acces it.

Personally I wouldnt use it much,for the same reason VOR said. The [email protected] has been a true and steady ship for me for the last 4 years, no need to change or add on to it now,mainly cause no one emails me . :(

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Well I went with the stand alone option, not so much the admin part but the setup on the phpbb end of things was a pain in the ass. Still tweaking some of the script, it should be ready in a day or so.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Posted Mon Nov 22, 14:52:

The new email system is up and running,

Standard and free 5 Megabytes email account.
Spam protection by SpamCop and Spam Assassin with additional [User-specified] Spam Filtering.
User Folder Filtering. (Incoming mail directed to specific folders)
Rich Text Email. (IE5+ only)
Calendar and User-created Events.
Unlimited User Folders.
Personal Mail signatures.
Sends and receives attachments.
Personal Address book.
External POP3 support. Check mail on other pop accounts.

To open an account visit
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