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Discussion in 'Military News' started by sgthoskins, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. sgthoskins

    sgthoskins Teufelhunden

    This is for my fellow leathernecks in here. Semper Fidelis brothers.

    Here is the story behind the picture of Brad Kasal and his hard charging Marines.


  2. screamineagle

    screamineagle Masscops Therapist

    He should have received the medal of honor for his actions that day in my opinion.
  3. sgthoskins

    sgthoskins Teufelhunden

  4. USMCTrooper

    USMCTrooper Grim reaper

    Teknon, h tan, h epi tas.

    Semper Fidelis
  5. Nighttrain

    Nighttrain MassCops Member

    With so many wounds the man still has his finger out of the trigger guard. Thats a professional.

    sgthoskins, is that exerpt from the book Battle For Fallujah? If so I'd highly recommend it to anyone.
  6. sgthoskins

    sgthoskins Teufelhunden


    That was from an article where Brad was interviewed. Battle for Fallujah is a good book. If you liked it you will really like Lone Survivor. It's about SEAL team 10 getting walked on in Afghanistan.
  7. Nighttrain

    Nighttrain MassCops Member

    I did Sgt H. Another tale of heroism and courage on a scale that a normal man like me can barely comprehend. Those 4 Seals put a serious hurting on the Taliban that day. Just like Battle for Fallujah Lone Survivor goes to show how not having clear rules of engagment put the lives of our war fighters in grave danger. Those guys shouldn't have had to fear criminal charges when deciding if they should have killed those goat herders in order to preserve thier mission(and save thier own lives). Though I would assume that to yourself and other members here who have served, that lack of clarity is nothing new to the guys who are actually in harms way.
  8. sgthoskins

    sgthoskins Teufelhunden

    Frustrating would be an understatement. I would have dispatched them without a second thought. The target was too valuable and too many Marines were dying. I am in no way second guessing what they did, I know if Marcus could do it all over again he would have voted to dispatch.

    It is nice to see the current generation just as hard as the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy or who took the island of Iwo Jima.

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