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I found this interesting...Courtesy of Fox25 Undercover:

Nametag Allowance: Is it a waste of money?
Police Officers in Lowell get paid $450 a year to wear their nametags. The city spends more than $110,000 each year on the nametag allowance. It's in the contracts between the city and the police unions. Those contracts are up at the end of June. Do you think the nametag allowance should stay in the new contracts? Call Lowell City Manager John Cox at 978-970-4000 to voice your opinion.
As you know, the law requires that municipal POs in MA be identified by a name tag or a badge number. Many PDs wear both, many one or the other.

Chapter 41: Section 98C Badges; identification by name or number

Section 98C. In any city or town which accepts the provisions of this section no uniformed police officer, and no other uniformed person empowered to make arrests, employed by such city or town shall be required to wear a badge, tag or label of any kind which identifies him by name, but any such officer or other person employed by such city or town who does not wear any such badge, tag or label shall wear a badge, tag or label which identifies him by number.
I think the stipend is a creative way of promoting Community Policing.
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