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Naked Japan major nabbed with women's underwear

TOKYO (Reuters) - A male Japanese air force major caught naked while
shopping for women's underwear has been suspended from his duties for
10 days, a spokeswoman at his base said on Friday.

The man, on his way home from a late-night farewell party for a colleague
in early September, stripped off his clothes behind a convenience store
"He had just his wallet and his shoes on him," said the spokeswoman from
the Matsushima air base in Miyagi, northern Japan.

"He thought it would be funny if he went into the store stark naked, that
it would surprise people."

There was no one else in the store but the store clerk, who called the
police shortly after the man left the store. Papers were filed against him
on suspicion of indecent exposure.

The incident follows a series of scandals for Japan's military. The air
force's top general was sacked last week for saying Japan was not an
aggressor in World War Two, angering China and South Korea where bitter
memories remain over Tokyo's past military aggression.;_ylt=AnkWeBaKnZPfANGBdc_WqN.dk3QF

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The motto of this story is if you're going to get caught naked with woman's underwear it is best she is helping to remove it at the time you're caught.
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