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By Marcus Franklin
Associated Press

NEW YORK - Two police officers were indicted Monday on charges of assaulting another driver in a traffic dispute and a witness who tried to intervene.
Michelle Anglin and Kollen Robinson were charged with two counts of assault and two counts of official misconduct, Bronx District Attorney Robert T. Johnson's office said.
Anglin's defense lawyer Edgar DeLeon declined to comment Monday. There was no telephone listing for Robinson's lawyer Judith Vargas.
Anglin, 37, and Robinson, 24, are accused of kicking, punching and pistol-whipping a driver whose car door was blocking their lane of traffic in August.
The officers were off duty and were in Robinson's vehicle when they got stuck in traffic, prosecutors said.
One of the officers yelled at Marlon Smith to shut his car door, prosecutors said. Smith, 25, yelled back an insult, and an argument erupted, according to a criminal complaint.
Smith tried to shut his car door, but Anglin sprayed him in the face with tear gas, the complaint said. Smith then got out of the car and tried to grab Anglin, and Robinson began punching him, it alleged.
Robinson also is accused of cursing at Smith and hitting him with a baton, and Anglin is accused of pistol-whipping him with her gun.
The officers left the scene, but a witness got the SUV's license plate number, prosecutors said.
Smith needed 25 staples to close three cuts on his scalp, they said.
The officers also are accused of hitting a witness who walked by and tried to stop the attack, prosecutors said. The man is still taking medication for migraine headaches resulting from the baton attack, they said.
The officers, who were stripped of their badges and guns after the accusations arose, were on modified duty as of Monday, Lt. John Grimpel said. Robinson joined the police department in 2006, and Anglin joined in 2005.
Anglin was free on $25,000 bail, and Robinson was free on $10,000 bail.
They each face up to 15 years in prison if convicted of the more serious assault charge.

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