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N.Y. officer struck, killed by drunk driver

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    By Stacey Altherr and Jennifer Barrios

    SUFFOLK, N.Y. — A Plainview man accused of killing a Suffolk County police officer while driving drunk early Sunday morning had been arrested last month for drunken driving in Nassau County.
    Suffolk police said that Jose Borbon, 23, was driving southbound on Commack Road at Vanderbilt Motor Parkway in Commack at 4:15 a.m. Sunday when he hit a Suffolk County police officer's car while trying to make a left-hand turn.
    The police vehicle spun around, struck a traffic pole, and immediately burst into flames. The officer, who police did not identify pending notification of his next of kin, was unable to be rescued because the car ignited so quickly and fully, according to Suffolk County Chief of Detectives Dominick Varrone.
    Borbon, who was not injured in the collision, stayed at the scene. He was arrested and taken to the Suffolk Police Department's Fourth Precinct, where he was charged with driving while intoxicated. Borbon is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday at First District Court in Central Islip.
    According to court records, Borbon was arrested in Nassau County on Jan. 4 and was charged with DWI, holding more than one license, criminal possession of a weapon, not signaling, driving without a seat belt, and failure to obey a traffic device. His next court date in that case is in April.
    Borbon held a D-class "conditional" license that was issued on Feb. 5, records show. A conditional license is limited and allows a driver to drive only to specified locations, such as a workplace, and is issued to participants in the state's Drinking Driver rehabilitation program.
    Borbon also was involved in four separate accidents in 2006, state Department of Motor Vehicle records show, and his license had been suspended once before, in 2007.
    Flags flew at half-staff at the Suffolk County Police Department today in memory of the officer, who had served on the force for more than 20 years.
    He had worked in Suffolk County's Second Precinct, which is based in Huntington. At the time of the crash, he was on his way to aid a fellow officer.
    Varrone called him a "dedicated, hardworking police officer."
    "We are devastated over the tragic loss of this fine young officer who lost his life in the line of duty," said Varrone.
    Mourners laid red and yellow flowers at the site of the crash, which is near the Bonwit Inn. One man who brought a bouquet identified himself as an emergency medical technician with the FDNY.
    Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy issued a message of condolence to the officer's family.
    "This officer made the ultimate sacrifice protecting and serving the people of Suffolk County," Levy said.
    Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said his department was in mourning, adding: "It's a sad reminder of the dangers police officers face each and every day."

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    N.Y. officers mourn cop killed by drunk driver

    By Andrew Strickler

    SUFFOLK, N.Y. — With a solid 240 pounds on his 6-foot-4 frame, a swagger in his stride and a reputation for knowing how to handle himself, Suffolk police Officer Glen Ciano loomed large in the Second Precinct.
    "He was a tough guy, but he carried himself as a professional. People would take one look at him and know he meant business," said Fred Leyboldt, 42, Ciano's friend and fellow patrolman on the midnight shift for the last eight years. "When we'd walk into a room, complaints would cease."
    But far beyond his imposing physical presence, Ciano's reputation in the department was as a mentor and guide, the "go-to guy" for fellow cops as they navigated careers and their personal lives.
    Officer Dave Pendola, 38, credited Ciano with helping him choose his career. "When you're a young guy, you can go a lot of wrong directions ... and then you see this guy who is a straight shooter, he's got your respect, so you follow his lead," Pendola said.
    Ciano, 45, died Sunday when his patrol car was struck by a suspected drunken driver. He was the first officer to die since 2004 and the 22nd Suffolk police officer to die in the line of duty.
    Ciano's own father was a retired city police officer who was killed by an unlicensed driver more than 20 years ago.
    At a somber gathering outside a Central Islip courtroom yesterday where the accused drunken driver was being arraigned, veteran and rookie officers described Ciano as tirelessly supportive of his fellow officers, both as a senior patrolman in his precinct and as their union delegate. "I know it's a cliche to say it, but it's really true with Glen: He was a cop's cop," said Leyboldt.
    "You went to him with any problem and he'd always give you a straight answer," said Pendola, of Commack.
    Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer called Ciano a "very respected officer," and promised "to do everything we can for Glen's family."
    Ciano was also an avid golfer and motorcyclist. Second Precinct Officer Pat Martin, 44, said he rode often to Montauk, in charity events or to the city on his bike, often with friends or his wife, Susan, on the back.
    Following in his father's footsteps, Ciano was a city cop for three years before joining the Suffolk police in 1986. As his squad's union delegate, he would also keep officers abreast of contractual issues and offer guidance.
    Sgt. David Bloom, Ciano's supervisor, said Ciano didn't seek the limelight. "Glen did the often mundane and unglamorous tasks that go with being a uniformed police officer day in and day out like so many other police officers and always did them to the best of his abilities," Bloom said.
    Yesterday, fellow officers readied their dress uniforms as Ciano's family made funeral arrangements and relived a far-too similar family loss. Ciano's father, James, joined the New York Police Department in 1963 and retired from the 109th Precinct in Queens in 1982. He was killed in 1987 when he was struck by an unlicensed, uninsured driver while riding his motorcycle in Bay Shore.
    Maria Donato, owner of Mondello Italian-American Bakery, where Glen Ciano's wife works, called them "the most wonderful family."
    "Glen used to visit Susan in the mornings and grab a cup of coffee," she said. "They always looked so happy together."
    Staff writers Rocco Parascandola and Anthony Voelpel contributed to this story.

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