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Just saw this on TPD's website...

The Taunton Police Department has implemented a new policy concerning motor vehicle accidents. State Law does not require that the Police Department investigate motor vehicle accidents where the damage is under $1500. as a result, no written police report will be completed for most accidents. The Police Department will still respond to motor vehicle accidents, but no written police report will be completed unless the damage is over $1500 or there is personal injury.
Did this already go into effect? Anybody have the MGL?

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Ahhh......Hey Gang,

Look at the criteria on the NEW Police Accident report forms. It lists $1000. At first the block/code thing looks scary, but after awhile it's actually pretty easy.

I remember way back in 1989 when every cop alive said "no P.I. and less than $1500=no report" but I was just recently told the limit was NEVER more than $1000. Go figure? wheres Delta when you need him? :D

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State Police have a similar rule, too bad some guys are lazy. In my accident last year I had $6,000 damage (totalled) and the officer didn't take a report nor is it in the log says Lower Basin.

'Course kick myself for not getting his name. May be helpful in my insurance hearing.

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O.K. how about this. When should measurements and pictures be taken in an accident? Does the same rule apply when there is personal injury and accidents over $1000? Seems like every department has there own policy. I say any serious personal injury and major property damage then measurements must be done. Special consideration must be done to O.U.I. accidents. Must always consider the liability issues involved.
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