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Gosules Want Three Strikes And You're Out Law

BOSTON -- For 10 years the Gosule family has been mourning the loss of Melissa Gosule, who was raped and murdered when she was just 27 years old.

NewsCenter 5's Kelley Tuthill reported that they have fought for years to get a three strikes and you're out law passed for violent offenders to spare other families the pain they have endured.

Family That Lost Loved One Fights To Protect Public

But the family is angry and said Beacon Hill is more concerned about clients than constituents.

"She met her own Hitler. If I start imagining what he did to her, I can't live. I can't live like that," said Sandy Tobey, nearly 10 years after the murder of her daughter, Melissa Gosule.

In July 1999, Gosule's car broke down near the Cape Cod canal. Michael Gentile offered her a ride home. He then raped and murdered the 27-year-old. Gentile was a repeat criminal offender recently out of jail.

"He only did a year of that sentence, and had he completed that two-year sentence, he never would have been on the street that night to meet my sister," Gosule's sister, Heidi Lyn Gosule, said.

In March, Gosule's family spoke at a Statehouse hearing, demanding lawmakers support Melissa's Bill, which would put violent offenders in prison for life if they are convicted of a felony three times.

"In the name of justice, we have to stand up and stop evil from doing that," Gosule's father, Les, said.

Despite the family's passionate testimony, the bill was sent into study -- a sort of purgatory at the Statehouse. The bill's sponsor said he will refile it.

"The defense lawyers in the House don't want to see the bill come to the floor because they know that it will pass if it comes to the floor for a vote," Rep. Bradford Hill said.

Heidi Lyn Gosule, Gosule's younger sister, is now a prosecutor in Middlesex County. She fears she won't be able to keep a promise she made to her mother.

"I did make that promise to her -- that 10 years this bill would be passed," she said.

"Believe me, I know that she's tried her hardest to try to keep that promise but I know it isn't going to happen," Tobey said.
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