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Lesbian Lovers Found Dead In Suicide Pact

For years, Tina Loesch and Skye Hanson had been on the run, but their life on the lam ended only a few hours after AMW aired their story.
Less than two hours after the AMW broadcast of November 15, 2008, three people discovered a Dodge Durango left in a rural area of northwest Tucson, Ariz. Inside were the bodies of two women -- one of whom was in the back seat and was carrying Tina Loesch's ID. The other woman resembled Skye Hanson and was found in the front seat. Both women had been shot in the head.
Police are calling the deaths a suicide pact, and have mentioned an eight-page suicide note left at the crime scene. In the note, cops say Tina and Skye blame hitman Bradley Steckman while also proclaiming their love for one another.
Initially, police were investigating the possibility of a double homicide, but now believe that Tina Loesch shot Skye Hanson before turning the gun on herself.
Authorities are still on the lookout for Kristopher Loesch, Tina's teenage son. The SUV the women were found in was registered to a woman with past connections to Post Falls, Idaho.
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