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Multi-Town Chase Ends With Timely Application of Stop Sticks

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The other night I'm working Trooper "M" and myself hear a call to "Station B" (our troop dispatch) from a cruiser out of the Sturbridge Barracks. He states that Sturbridge PD is chasing an SUV onto the Pike Westbound at a high rate of speed. He also states that the Pike troopers and himself are trying to catch up, but are pretty far behind. So me and Trooper M head out to the Pike and set up in a couple of cross-overs in Ludlow; Trooper M is set up about 1/2 mile west of me with stop sticks. As the chase approaches we get the locations relayed to us by station B: "west...passing into Brimfield", "west...100+....passing into Palmer". The pucker factor was quite intense...I've had many chases, just never had to much time to think about getting into one. By the time I heard "west....losing sight of suspect....100+...passing into Wilbraham", I was white-knuckling the steering wheel.

Craning my neck to the right I strained to see the approaching SUV....then suddenly it was there! It was a complete surprise because he had completely outrun the Sturbridge cruisers. It flew by me at 110+, then swerved into the right lane! I hit my lights and wailer and burned out after him, while simultaneously telling Trooper M "He's coming! Right lane, right lane!" Because he had such a lead it took me a little bit of time to catch up. As I passed Trooper M, I heard him saying "I got him! I got him!". As I got closer I noticed another set of blue lights light up in front of me; a Pike cruiser had jumped on the mope and was attempting to cut him off. As I screamed up behind him, the mope pulls his car into the left BDL, bails out, and runs across the median. Well, this bastard wasn't going to escape me, so I simply pull my cruiser into the median and follow him across, dukes-of-hazzard style! As the creep runs across the eastbound side, I follow him across, perpendicular to oncoming traffic. As the skell heads down the embankment, I jump out and chase him. At the bottom of the embankment there is a chain-link fence, so I figure he's going to be trapped or at least a little delayed; no dice, the skell hits the fence with full force, knocking the whole fence over (or at least a good 20-foot section)! After crossing a road and running into someone's back yard the perp dives into some trees and I lose sight of him. By this time several other Troopers and Ludlow PD are arriving to back us up. After searching around for a bit, a Trooper from K-9, without his trusty 4-legged partner, finds his tracks, leading us to some bushes in front of a house. At this point, me, and the K-9 Trooper had the distinct pleasure of slapping the cuffs on this dirtbag.

Turns out this clown was driving a stolen car, and had copious amounts of heroin and crack on his person, and in the car. He also had about 5 warrants from all over the state. A look at the SUV revealed one absolutely shredded right front tire, courtesy of Trooper M! It is also revealed that this asshole had recently successfully fled from the Northampton PD. The mope was turned over to Sturbridge PD to face a litany of charges; State and local cooperation at its best!!! :D

P.S. The Sturbridge Officer I talked to stated that her new Impala simply couldn't keep up with the SUV. Not a good thing to have happen to your cruiser; he was driving a Jeep Cherokee, not a corvette!
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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fastest pursuit we've had here has been 45+mph over .9 miles. The real fun is when surrounding towns ask us to "play" and then LOOKOUT!!!
All bets are off, and the litigators start licking their pens!
:wl: =P~
The fastest pursuit we've had here has been 45+mph
Woody, speak for yourself buddy!!!!!!!!!! Thank god we had no GPS in the cars or blackboxes. :roll: :lol:
killjoy, Awesome story man!! Thanks for sharing it with us!! Yep, sounds like a problem with the impala...
GJ, especially w/ no blue injuries.. Curious, where was said shitbirds crapnest?
I talked to the Sturbridge officer last night (former Attleboro dispatcher) she said the only time she got close to the fleeing SUV was when he stopped for the toll to get a ticket.... :shock: duh... yep make sure they don't get ya for toll evasion.

Chevy needs to work on their police package a lil more :thumbdow:
AWESOME JOB KJ! Multi-agency cooperation at its best. We all are on the same team-right folks? :lol:
Great Job. Nice to have state and local working together with such a great outcome. =D>
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