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MSPCA rescues 83 parakeets from squalor

PEABODY, Mass. -- The MSPCA rescued 83 parakeets from a Peabody home Wednesday afternoon.
Ramon Medrano owned the birds and allowed them to live in filth and squalor in the basement of his apartment building on Elliott Pl.
The birds bred and flew freely in the basement, and had even eaten through some of the insulation in the electrical wires.
Some of the birds were newborns and still nursing, others had feathers missing from pecking each other.
"They must have been competing for food. I'm sure there were many more babies that were born that perished," said Michael Keily, the manager of the animal shelter at Nevins Farm that took the birds in.
The MSPCA staff is searching for other shelters to help take in some of the parakeets.
Medrana said he raised the birds for fun, not for profit.
He never though that the birds might be a health hazard, and commented, "Before in my country (the Dominican Republic), I have many different animals. Chickens. A horse. A cow. A dog."
The birds are said to be in good shape and ready for adoption after the rescue.
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