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Foxborough MSP was a lil busy last night (three OUI MVA's) on the Attleboro portion of Rt. 95 So we took one for them, it was a hit and run the guy made it to Attleboro and we caught up with him just in time to see him wipe his as* with the rear tire of his mangled Ford.

Guess he just couldn't wait..... :F:


Reminds me of an old poem I once read by Robert Frost...........

"In Days Of Old When Men Were Bold, And Toilets Were Not Invented,

You'd Lay Your Load, In The Middle Of The Road, And Walk Away Contented.........."

:L: :L: :L: :L: :L: :L:

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Definately NOT cooler than whaleshit!
:L: :L: :L: :L: :sh:
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