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-- Four state troopers in Massachusetts got a lesson in birthing babies when a mother could not make it to the hospital in time to have her son.

A Massachusetts couple had to make a slight detour on the way to the hospital to have their baby this weekend.

Conveniently, a state police station was nearby when this new mom's water broke.

Her husband ran inside, four troopers ran out, ready to help deliver the baby.

Minutes later, Colby made his entrance into the world, in the front of the family's Volvo.

"All of the sudden the head started coming out," said Ron Lagrassa, Colby's father. "The gentleman over here grabbed the head and started talking her through it. And at 11:39 the baby was out."

"I just needed to push," said the mother, Robin Lagrassa. "I was just so thankful that one of them was there to catch Colby."

"I would say it's probably the scariest thing I've done since I've been on this job," said Trooper Anthony Schena. "It was nice to be part of something good for a change."

The four troopers are calling themselves surrogate fathers.

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Hero trooper on mend after being dragged
By Tom Farmer (Boston Herald)
Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Hours after being lauded for helping to bring a new life into the world, a state trooper nearly lost his when a motorist fleeing a Saugus traffic stop dragged the trooper for 200 harrowing feet along Route 1 Sunday night.

Trooper Ronald Baker was recovering at home yesterday from the unnerving ordeal just seven hours after Baker and three other troopers were honored at Massachusetts General Hospital for their role in delivering a baby boy in the parking lot of the Danvers barracks shortly before midnight Saturday.

``Thank God he's OK,'' said Ronald LaGrassa of Middleton, the newborn baby's father. ``We're in shock. We're pretty upset about it. When my wife found out about it she couldn't believe it.''

State police spokesman Trooper Scott Schubert said Baker had stopped a car and had the three men inside get out. When one of the men jumped back into the car to flee, Baker tried to stop him and was dragged 200 feet before he was able to free himself.

The driver later crashed into a building on Broadway in Somerville and fled on foot. The other two men, Glen E. Gerald, 18, and Ronnie L. Powell, 18, both of Boston, were charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Baker, who suffered a knee injury and road rash, was happy to be alive yesterday after being discharged from MGH.

``He's in good spirits,'' said Schubert. ``He knows he was very lucky and he was planning to get some rest. It just shows you the nature of this job. One minute you're bringing a new life into the world and the next minute you're fighting for your own life.''

Baker, Troopers Michael Forni and Anthony Schena and Lt. Walter Keenan, delivered Ronald and Robin LaGrassa's second child, Colby, after her water broke on the way to the hospital.
Just goes to show you. Hopefully the SB will be in custody soon, if not already.

Excellent job Troopers!

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Good Job by the MSP.
What a way for Trooper Baker to start and end his shift eh!?

Just a quick question........................
Where was the NEMLEC Maternity Response Vehicle?

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HEY SCOTT-I wonder if Chief Newell would allow you to start one????You're great @ making them-just imagine.......You and Skippy on call for Campus birthing? If I'm on the west, maybe I can swing over in 209 as an augmentee....... :oops:
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